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Essay Outline- Plan in writing.

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/essay_outline_writingAn essay outline is simply the plan in writing. It is a immensely important part of any writing because it helps one organize their thoughts so that they write the best essay, and essay easy to comprehend.  Writing an essay is just like telling a joke, if you leave an important part in the middle of a joke you are telling, then the punch line will not make sense, this is why it is important that the essay one writers follows an outline.

Why is an essay outline important?

  1. It helps organize thoughts- As discussed above, an outline is just the  plan in writing. A well outlined essay will make sense to every reader. It also makes it simple to craft the essay in question.

  2. It helps determine length- Crafting an essay outline enables the writer to determine the length of their essay. In most cases, especially to students, instructions are always given as to the length of any essay they write.

How to draft an essay outline

  • The title- An essay should start with a title. The title is what the whole essay is about, and it should be at the top of the essay paper. Everything else falls under the title.

  • The Introduction- An introduction is very essential. It falls after the title, and it acts to whet the appetite of the reader. An introduction should be catchy to hold the reader to ensure they read through the whole essay. It should contain a thesis statement, which is always a single line statement which tells the reader what the essay is all about.

  • The body- This is a very important part in drafting an essay outline. The writer could use subheadings to communicate better. They might use the main points being discussed as the subheadings, it ensures the essay is easy to read and comprehend. Under each point or subheading, the writer should be careful to give information which elaborates the point.


            Information must be given in a logical manner. All points must be stated clearly to avoid confusing the reader. Any arguments must be supported by credible evidence from reliable sources. The writer must understand that the reader will discard the essay instantly if they find it to be misleading.

Body paragraphs should also fall in a sensible manner, since the flow of the essay must be even and inviting to keep on reading. The writer should avoid discussing many points in a single paragraph. Each weighty argument should be presented in its own paragraph. The paragraph sentences should not be very long that the reader will lose the meaning of the sentence.

  • The conclusion

This is the summary part. It should be done carefully to ensure the essay makes sense. A good conclusion should call the reader into action, or it should leave them with something to think about. It is therefore important to end any essay with a punchline to ensure the reader gets what the writer was trying to put across.

The best essay outline simply comprises of;

  • An introduction.

  • A thesis statement.

  • Body paragraphs.

  • The conclusion.

Again, an essay outline is simply the plan in writing.

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