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Abortion essay, how to write one.

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Abortion essay, how to write one. - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

/Abortion_essayAn abortion essay is an academic paper written by a scholar as part of their academic coursework. The issue of abortion has drawn criticism from different quarters. If you are a student with and assignment on how to write an abortion essay, here are some steps to follow.

  • Start by defining the issue

What is abortion? For how long has it been around? What is its history? By starting with a brief definition of the issue, you will put the reader into the light and they will have interest to read through your essay. It will also save them the time they would go to research about it, which might even discourage then from reading your abortion essay.

  • Identify and define the groups.

Abortion affects different groups of people differently. In most cases they fall under two categories, pro-choice and pro- life. It is important to understand t5he views of these people and bring them to the light comprehensively. For instance,the vies of rape victims, governments, the medical community, women, the church, single mothers etc.

Understand the different arguments by these groups helps the reader understand better and your abortion essay will be easy and enjoyable to read. Every one has their views on abortion in relation to experiences, situations etc. A woman who has been a victim of rape might not want to bring up the baby, and she might view abortion positively.

  • Give the facts

The best abortion essay must give precise information. The reader is not reading to heckle you for your beautiful grammar use, but they read it to get informed. This is why it is important for any writer to give precise information on what they write. They should at all costs avoid unsubstantiated opinions which will mislead the reader. It is possible to write a competent abortion essay if you take your time to pull information from the best reliable sources.

A good writer will take their time to find the best reliable sources to get information for their abortion essay. It is important to find reliable sources which will not contain information full of misconceptions or any biased information. Most readers are knowledgeable, or they have a basic knowledge of the issue, and if they identify any bias, or misleading statements and facts,they will discard the essay.

  • Be neutral

Your abortion essay is written with an aim to inform and not to give personal opinions. This is obviously a debatable issue raising storms from different spheres of the society. Many people question the abortion issue many of them being ethicists and also moralists. This is why the writer must be neutral to avoid bias.

  • Simplify jargon

As a writer, you must understand that your audience could not be knowledgeable on what you write on. This is why it is important to simplify any professional jargon in the field one writers on. Any reader might give up reading the abortion essay you write because it contains technical language, and you will not have realized your aim if they discard it.

  • Conclusion

Your conclusion should be punchy. It should revisit the main points of your abortion essay to ensure the reader is left with something to remember. The best essay conclusion will also call the reader into action.

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