How to Write an Oxford Paper

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Oxford guide

          Oxford guide is a form of article citation and formatting used mostly when formatting your research works. It’s commonly used in history and philosophy academic work and that is why it is called documentary note system. There are elements that differentiate it from other citation styles in that. Its’ in-text citations are given with a superscripted numbers, that are then given more emphasis through the footnotes at the foot your page. The footnote should are sequentially numbered and should give the full citation (name-date-page number) for the first citation followed with “ibid” in cases where a repeat citation is noted. Make use of foot notes and end notes for comments or information that does not fit well into your content. Where the footnotes are given at the break of a writing division, they are called the end notes. In most cases they are found at the end of the text prior to bibliography and index. The superscript number should be given at the end of your sentences and not necessary at the point of in-text quotation or citation. Where direct quotes are used make sure to use the superscript number immediately where possible. While writing many students find themselves trapped in a confusing situation where they are expected to avoid using of other people ideas, yet to have a totally original idea or argument is impossible. Using your own words in paraphrasing or summarizing other people idea does not make your article to be free of plagiarism.

          When you paraphrase or summarize other peoples ideas in your article make sure to give it a superscript number as expected in oxford guide writing style. Oxford guide of writing accepts paraphrasing and summarizing of quotations. The differences in summarizing and paraphrasing comes in as, paraphrasing is taken to mean brief descriptions or explanations of the importance of the quoted material to your works while summarizing means a two or three sentences highlighting main points in a quoted idea. In cases where your direct quote is less than 30 words, you should use single quotation marks without the necessity to indent as in the case of Harvard style. Oxford guide requires only indenting of quotations that are more than 30 words and they should be indented 10 mm from the left of your paper margin. For all forms of quotations make sure to give it the footnotes. When citing authors who also quotes other authors (secondary quotations) follow the quotation style as explained above. At the end of your paper you should give an annotated bibliography. The bibliography should give all the details of the materials sourced or consulted while writing the paper. The description of all entries should be brief, giving the relevance of the source to your document. The differences between annotated bibliography and the normal referencing is in use of all materials quoted in the paper as well as any other material that you think are relevant to your article.

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