Benefits of being a freelance writer

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A freelance writer is someone who writes for a company, as an individual and on a contractual basis. There are various kinds of freelance writing services such as business writing, marketing writing or web writing. The writer focuses on the writing jobs that best showcase one’s writing ability. A freelancer or freelance writer is someone who is self employed or working for himself/herself. There are varieties of freelance job or work opportunities available for individuals interested in making money online. Freelance writers can choose the jobs based on their interests or levels of knowledge. For example, there is a high demand for web developers, programmers, content writers, designers, data entry operators and social media marketing experts. In this case, there are a number of benefits in being a freelance writer creating opportunities to writers both economically and academically. The essay thus presents the benefits of being a freelancer.

A freelancer is self employed and not committed to a particular employer on long term basis. A writer is free from pressure of the bosses in office and desk jobs. At times, a person will have a piece of work with a set time frame and clear instructions on what and how to write. After completing a piece work, the writer can choose to move on to the next project or move on to another company thus freelance creates the independence of work. There is freedom in the choice of work which gives the advantage of planning ones work as per time schedule and how he/she desires to earn from freelance writing.

As a freelance writer, freelancers have the ability to write and publish his/her own products. A writer can write about any topic that he/she chooses to write freedom in the selection of tasks to work. The freedom to research and write topics of one’s interest keeps the mind active and imparts knowledge. There is exposure to a global perspective that gives an added advantage of freelance jobs. Freelance writer can take up assignments from anywhere around the world. Most of the freelance work enables writers to earn more money in a foreign stronger currency more than what one would earn when working for a local company. Being a writer helps in avoiding the mind-numbing routines jobs and boredom often associated with routine work. This is demonstrated well when one decides to change projects, topics and writing tasks. In essence boredom is easily tamed.

A freelance writer can be able to write part time and continue working full time at the same time on a permanent job. He can be able to balance both jobs by making arrangements for the working hours of each job. This increases the income as one can earn from both jobs as long as he is able to set hours for both of them. As a freelance writer, one can write from anywhere with no geographical restrictions. This means that he can also live anywhere in the world as long as a writer can be able to deliver his projects on time and through any agreed means with the employer and as long it is a quiet place to write. This gives the benefit of avoiding expenses on travelling or moving from home to workplace. Most writing companies pay writers for referring others to the company, and this means writer’s networking skills could earn him/her money apart from writer’s efforts in work.

 Freelance writing helps a writer to earn a living since a freelancer is paid to write a piece of work. Freelancing is a job like other jobs where one is paid and meet essential need like paying bills out of the cash earned. A writer can set aside hours to work without limit and make money from writing. On a more general level, being a freelance writer means that one is also an entrepreneur. Being a freelance writer makes one an entrepreneur this means that you are your own boss, making own schedule, and deciding the assignments to accomplish hourly, daily or weekly.

While having a freelance business, this creates some humble moments, but eventually one can produce an income stream that pay the bills and allow for increased purchasing power. While everyone enjoys a paid holiday a writer sit on the desk working to get the pay. One is never ‘taken care of’ by the boss or the company. The key benefit of working for someone is that the employees or workers are taken care of by the employer, until they get laid off or something else happens. The writer pays his own bills like office supplies, make own contributions for retirement and even buy medical insurance cover.

The benefits of freelance writing out do the risks involved in that the writer gain more expertise in freelance writing. As one writes every more often, he/she improves the writing skills and gain more skills. This increases the writers pay as he is paid more for his work. He also gets more referral from the employer, and this translates to more jobs. A writer can be able to continue working on a regular job as he continues writing. This gives him more income from the two jobs, and this makes his life better. The writer has the ability to learn new ideas and research more through writing as he/she is frequently writing on a variety of projects at a given point in time in different topics and genres. This also increases the writer’s knowledge and expertise.

The income earned from writing has no limit. It can keep on getting higher as one gains more knowledge and experience. The more one works hard on writing the more he gets better pay. Just like any other work hard work, being focused and always setting exceptional standards in writing gives a writer more satisfaction in his work.


Being a freelancer helps to avoid mind-numbing routine jobs and the boredom that is normally associated with routine work. A writer can choose to change topics, projects or subjects to write. Boredom will be less as freelance writers have no routine on working hours unless one choose to with the freedom to write and live anywhere as long as one has a good computer with reliable internet connection and a place to write. It is quite beneficial in increasing one’s income and creating independence at work as well as enhancing expertise and knowledge base on a broad spectrum of topics.