Impediments to Successful Academic Writing

An impediment is something which obstructs or hinders, therefore, impediments to successful academic writing are the obstacles which make any academic writing to be unsuccessful. There are a number of hindrances and obstructions which an academic writer must avoid, some of which are discussed below.

Using the passive voice: is an annoying trend in academic writing, passive voice proves cumbersome to the reader and any academic writer should avoid it. Putting a sentence in the active voice makes it stronger; the reader identifies the subject of the sentence early, hence the text becomes easier to comprehend. Passive voices give the reader a feeling that the writer tries to forgo responsibility and they end up doubting the credibility of the writer.

Jargon: it puts off readers, hence the writer must avoid it and major on using normal language. Jargon renders the whole content incomprehensible to all people who are not conversant with words used. The same case applies to too complex sentence structures. Academic writing must be presented in well structured simple sentences, easy to follow with the meaning coming out clearly. Unclear statements gives the impression that the writer doesn't know whatever they want to pass across. It is prudent for any writer to put themselves in the shoes of the reader, to see if they understand what they present.

Excess use of footnotes: is a bad academic writing habit, footnotes help include sources of information of value to the academic paper, but it falls outside the scope of a paper's main focus. The writer must ensure that they are justified and that if the information intended is significant enough to warrant its own footnote; it is advisable to include important information in the paper and not in the footnotes, hence limiting the number of footnotes used.

Plagiarism must be avoided; it is copying verbatim the work of another writer without their permission. The writer can avoid it by giving credit to others people's work which the writer has used. Plagiarism comes about when the writer is careless or disorganized in carrying out their research; it therefore calls for the writer to pay attention while sourcing information. While citing the sources the writer should appreciate the work of others in the bibliography; they work too hard to produce the work.

Quoting a foreign language and not giving a translation works against any academic writer. The writer must know that their work is meant for a wide group of people, hence they should consider giving them what they can understand. Not all readers will know the languages the writer knows, therefore they must be helped out. Translations however must be done as a matter of courtesy and not show off.

Writers must never bore the reader, their content should be appealing to the reader to read through,the writer must use section headings to lead the writer into the content. It is a bad writing habit to present what is too oblivious, the writer must think outside the box provided they don't overdo it. The reader should get just what is important to them therefore, the writer must stop endless rambling.

Writing regularly is important to any writer, if they don't, they give the reader a poor presentation of the content, hence as a writer one must  improve their writing.