Differences Between College and High School Papers

Writing for college requires the any writer to write clearly and correctly; with the content being well justifiable and coherent. Any writing in college calls for construction of interest provoking theses, well focused paragraphs and justifiable conclusions, as compared to high school where the writer is limited to a small subject which needs less effort to accomplish.

 In high school, students major on the five paragraph theme; which entails stating an idea and supporting it with evidence. The whole content is set at a writing limit of five paragraphs which forces the writer to narrow their argument and master the presentation of ideas in the least word count possible. The five paragraph theme entails starting with a general subject, narrowing it midway to major on specific things, then making general comments at the end.

 The five paragraph theme doesn't apply in college since college papers call for context, and the setting of a well  outlined content which the reader must understand easily. The five paragraph theme lacks argument in that, it limits the word count hence the content is given in summary; college courses require the writers to know the facts of an argument and make detailed analyses to present an argument heavily backed up by evidence. The five paragraph theme forces the writer to stick to the plan they set beforehand ; which makes writers force their ideas to fit, hence the final content becomes distorted and arguments get lost.

 Length is another major difference between a college and high school paper, college papers are more lengthy compared to high school papers since they call for lengthy arguments to make points clear and the content worth reading. Writing for college may require a writer to write more than five pages as compared to high school writing which is always restricted to five paragraphs regardless of the topic and subject given.

 Research conducted for high school papers is narrow as compared to college papers. High school paper writing may require the writer to spend a few hours conducting research unlike the college writing whereby the writer must carry detailed research, which calls for sleepless nights if ever the writer wants to make a positive impact to the reader after they read the content. Ideas and arguments in the content for college papers  must be supported with detailed evidence which calls for detailed digging up for informatioWriting for college is based on scholars writing for scholars; as one writes a college paper, they become part of the scholar community, by getting involved in activities which comprise scholar's competence. One is expected to write on great ideas which must be presented excellently and in definite manners, aimed at covering questions of interest to the academic community. College papers must include topics which are useful and of interest to other readers, hence whatever content the writer gives should be educative to other writers who are interested in finding information in that particular fied.

 The duration of time to complete the papers differs in that; a high school paper takes long to be completed as compared to the college paper. A high school paper may take a whole semester to complete but a college paper has to be competed in a week or a couple of weeks after assignment.