Choosing an Appropriate Topic

Every writing/research process starts with a subject or major area of interest , which might be general at the beginning. It then calls for the writer to narrow it down to a subject and in-turn narrow it to a topic; the subject is what the writer is writing on, from which a topic is chosen.

An appropriate topic is realized when the writer identifies their major aim towards writing the content they are writing, it therefore calls for the writer to evaluate all the information they have about the general subject and then choosing the most relevant bits to suit the narrow subject they are to major with. It is out of these relevant information bits where the writer chooses a topic from.

 It is important for a writer to choose a subject they are most interested in, since it gives the writer the curiosity and enthusiasm to research deeply hence realizing quality work. Choosing the field one has the motivation to work on ensures that the writer will develop the best topic from it, and in-turn dig  out  tirelessly for information to support their arguments about the topic.

 While choosing a topic, the writer must ensure that they choose an open ended topic question; it is a kind of topic which opens different perspectives to tackling the subject. A good topic should not restrict the writer to a few ideas which do not provide enough information on the subject in question; it should open doors to numerous information gathering methods, it should be a topic the writer can give arguments and support them with credible justifiable evidence.

 A topic can also be developed by the writer conducting an overview of the subject they are writing on. The writer then summarizes the kind of questions likely to be tackled in the content they are writing. From these questions the writer chooses the most weighty and the most interesting, then develops a topic from the best. Narrowing the topic to a specific point of view also helps to guide the reader into writing a topic from that particular point.

 The best topic is the one that the reader will be interested in, therefore the writer should ensure that the topic chosen will be appealing to the reader, who is the main aim to the writing of the article. The topic chosen must provoke the curiosity of the reader and glue them to the content. Writers should avoid personalizing the topic they have chosen to write on, bearing in mind that readers have different tastes and what interests the writer may not interest the reader.

 When choosing a topic, any writer must know what they are going to write on in the topic,without which the writing will be impossible. They should also choose topics with credible information sources; with information easily accessible, for instance the writer should not write on a topic involving an interview whereas the interviewee can not be reached, or the interviewee can't give credible information.

 Picking practical topics ensures that the content presented by the writer is appealing to the reader; readers always need content which affects them directly, for instance politics, education, business, etc. A topic which gives readers information which educates them on things they can apply to their daily lives tends to attract their attention, hence the writer should focus on them.