Writing Tips

Good writing tips for article writers
A good article
generally comprises of four parts, the heading, the introduction; also known as the lead, which in-turn helps to introduce the article,  the  body and  finally the conclusion.

 Any article writer should first think about the structure of the article to be written and draw a clear outline of it. It is wrong to start writing straight away to avoid writing disjointed articles which the reader can not comprehend at the end of the day. It should consist of well illustrated paragraphs which talk of one idea at a time. These paragraphs should however not  be too lengthy.

 A good article should have a catchy headline to act as a hook to glue the reader to the article. It should clearly define the the subject of the article in question. The lead or the intro which is normally the first paragraph of the article should compel the reader to read deep into the article. The language should be easy to read and absorb, and it should at all times appear natural, the writer should not force attractive  language in-order to impress.

 As a writer, provide solid information, giving the most significant points to the reader. The theme of the message should be clear in  the body of the article. The writer should bear in mind that the conclusion is as important as every other part of the article, therefore they should attach importance to it as well. He/she should wrap up the main points of the article in the least number of sentences possible. The conclusion helps the reader remember what the article was all about , therefore it should be strong and provocative. It should at all times stand as a reflection of the main topic of the article.

 An article writer should at all times make sure that they write what they are conversant with. It's always done by researching and getting background information to avoid frustrating the reader and put critics at bay. The writer should at all times know his/her target audience, so as know how to meet their expectations.Active voices in articles help a writer a great deal in capturing audiences. The active voice helps move the audience into action, therefore a writer should at all times avoid the forms  of the verb “to be” and in turn  replace them with action verbs.

 A writer should at all times be specific, by narrowing a broad topic to what the readers need, readers will be bored by lengthy articles which require them to dig deep to gather information. Facts should be clear in the article, backed by evidence and detail. An article should maintain  the main stream of the subject matter and it  should be very clear to avoid misleading the audience, language used should be convenient to all.

 Articles should be of the right length. Short articles give readers the impression that they aren't up-to standard, however readers will not read through lengthy articles which communicate little, since they will lose concentration and give up halfway through.

 Proofreading must be done to make sure unnecessary mistakes are eliminated, the final work should be flawless. It is helpful if the writer gives another person to go through the article and encourage them to criticize, before  submitting it for publication.