Article Writing Mistakes

There are several mistakes one should beware of when writing articles, mistakes which makes one appear incompetent and unprofessional.

 Any article writer should make sure they know the subject on which to write on. Readers will definitely be put off by an article with no sense of direction,hence it is always advisable for any article writer to summarize the subject they are writing on in a logical order which will ensure that there is a smooth flow of ideas and thoughts. An article shouldn't leave important points not tackled, therefore a writer should exploit all the ideas in a manner that will leave the reader comfortable.

 The introduction should be kept simple and precise. Any writer should at all times avoid boring the reader in the first paragraph since readers may not read through the article up-to the end. Including catchy statements in the introduction helps hook the reader and glue them to the article. The intro also should provide the background of the article .

 The length of an article is a major consideration to make when writing an article. An article should neither be too long nor too short. The writer should however not add words for the purpose of attaining a particular length. It should also be long enough to put the point across.

 Any article should be free from grammatical mistakes. It calls for reading and re-reading before submitting any article. One should also be careful when using word processing softwares since in many cases they don't correct all mistakes for instance, “there”and “their” as long as the spellings are correct. Sometimes one should give another person their articles to read through, to make sure they don't  have mistakes.

 Writers should avoid using difficult words in their articles, simple language is always the best, they should also avoid using very long paragraphs since they tend to put writers off especially when reading on-line. One should also depict  one idea at a time. It is advisable to avoid repeating oneself, especially to increase the length of one's article. Instead, they should do research and find new perspectives from which to develop their articles further.

 An article writer should avoid contradiction in constructing and developing an argument. It is always sensible to make sure that contradictions rising about points discussed earlier and others discussed later undermines the credibility of the writer and confuses the reader. It is only well developed thoughts and opinions which will keep a reader glued to the content the writer offers.

 Writers should avoid writing in the passive voice and also writing in  the third person, since readers will find the article less inviting. It is also advisable to involve the reader if possible by use of “you”  especially when giving advice  directed to them.

A writer should be careful not to plagiarize, that is; copying verbatim the work of another writer. One should do research for their own work then write from their own perspective. It calls for attribution if one must use the exact words used by another writer. When content is found to be plagiarized, one could be banned from future writing. Readers will also need original work and they will always question a writer's credibility if they can prove the work submitted is not original.