How to be a better writer and avoid annoying behaviors

Writing, as an art requires proper training and knowledge of whatever any given writer wants to write on. Writers in many cases commit many faults unconsciously, therefore they should at all times take utmost care while writing. Readers need comprehensible articles from the start to the end therefore a writer should provide just that.

 Any writer should be himself/ herself when writing anything, that is, being dictated on what to write limits the creativity of any writer , therefore a writer shouldn't be confined to write on what they are not  conversant or comfortable with. They should at all times go by their ways to avoid getting lost hence opening avenues for criticism from their readers. Depending too much on sources sometimes limits the creativity of any writer, therefore, they should at least include original thoughts of their own in the article, sometimes citing numerous sources bores  readers extremely and make them lose faith with article.

 It is a bad trend for a writer to write very long paragraphs, sentences or headings. Easy language should also be used so that the target audience can understand it easily. Any writer should also avoid complex scenes in the writing which are hard for the reader to comprehend, therefore whatever the audience is reading should be straight forward.

 Any writer should be extremely careful with the use of language, careless mistakes should at all times be avoided if ever the writer wants to keep the reader stuck to the content they are offering. Grammatical preciseness should at all times be adhered to, example a writer should be careful while using words like this and these, there and their  etc. Writers should be careful with punctuation marks which might give phrases different meanings other then the intended ones, they should be careful especially with the use of apostrophes example in its and it's. Contractions ,example don't, won,t shouldn't etc must be used in the rightful contexts.

 Passive language if possible should be avoided at all times, the same case applies to overused  metaphors ,similes or figurative language. Very long words should be replaced with short or put to minimal. Foreign words should also be kept at bay and English equivalents used.

 A writer should never ignore  readers' comments about the articles they read. Instead these  comments should be used to improve the content and give them what they want and expect from the writer. Reviewers' comments should also be put into consideration. Any writer should know that they write for readers, not themselves therefore fight all the temptations of pride and ego.

 Readers need to read content which is unique and catchy, it is a bad trend for a writer to stick to outdated writing methods and should in turn try to be creative, to give readers new content in a new way. A writer should also stick to to the subject of the article, and tackle it step by step to avoid confusing the reader and to make ideas easy to follow and understand. They should at all times avoid personalizing the article and give equal focus to opposing observations.

 Writers should do away with any profanities in their work, many readers don't approve it and it makes them uncomfortable while reading the  article. Proofreading their work is mandatory to make sure it's  precise.