How to Write a Research Proposal.

A research proposal is a document written by a researcher which entails discussing the program for a proposed research  project .They must show the need for the research being proposed.

Research proposal writing calls for good preparation, the writer must familiarize themselves with the project, to know the key elements to be considered in the research conducting process. They must develop an idea for the proposal and determine whether it had been considered or presented before. This helps the writer to know how to approach the problem, for instance, if the idea had been presented before; the writer knows how to improve the existing idea, to give it new meaning.

A good research proposal must have a title, which should be attractive to catch the attention of the reader, and give them the interest to read through the content. The title should be concrete and concise to ensure that it is easily understandable. It should also have an abstract which is a brief summary of what the proposal goals are. This summary must discuss the research question, the argument the writer presents about it, the methods used to present information and the expected findings of the research.

An introduction falls after the title and abstract; it gives a brief background of the research so that the readers can understand what to expect from the content. An introduction should provoke the reader and arouse their interest to read through the content, the writer must state clearly the foundation of the research problem in the introduction so as to show the importance of conducting the research.

A writer has to include a resource review in the research, it helps show that the writer is knowledgeable on the topic they are writing on. It shows that the writer has conducted a background study of the problem and identified existing gaps which require to be filled. Literature review also aids in giving credit to other researchers who had previously tackled the particular topic the writer is covering. It also helps extend a study by comparing what had been done before with what the writer has done.

The body of the proposal must state clearly the main purpose of developing the proposal,how it will benefit the reader and which reader in particular. It must also touch on the costs which must be met to conduct the research, by stating the resources needed and how they will be exploited.

The structure of a proposal must be clear to guide the reader easily through the content, the reader should get important points easily enough, with ideas flowing well one after the other. A proposal should be easy enough to skim; any reader should be able to read through the content without taking in all the details and understand it. Transitions in the research must be smooth, the reader must not be lost in too many points which are not clear.

Language used in the research must be simple for anybody to understand; whether they are professional or just the lay man. It should be written in the active voice to enhance the concentration of the reader. The writer must also convey enthusiasm in the research content since it shows the dedication they have for the project.Proofreading must be done at the end to ensure that content presented is justifiable and that it is free from grammatical errors.