Writing an Application Essay

An application essay is written by potential students as a requirement for college or university admission. It is used by college and university admission officers to learn more about applicants.A good application essay calls for any writer to provoke the curiosity of the admission officers. Writers should know that admission officers receive many admission requests, hence it is the duty of any applicant to make sure that theirs is unique. It should contain a question the reader will want to find an answer for, therefore reading deep into the content to find it. The opening paragraph acts as the framework of the content the applicant is presenting.

It should contain a list of achievements of the applicant, the applicant should state clearly their potentials, past performances and the goals they have. An application essay should state clearly the personality of the applicant, hence, applicants should ensure that they don't state their academic qualifications only; it ensures that an applicant stands out from the rest who have also passed through the same educational levels. The applicant must be careful not to inflate their achievements, they  must be honest.

The applicant should state clearly why they can make an excellent positive impact in the field they apply for, for instance, their desire to become a lawyer, a doctor etc should be logical, the applicant  should never state ridiculous targets which can't be supported by their grades and goals they have stated in the body of the application essay. The applicant should however not state achievements which are outdated, and they should avoid controversial issues like religious beliefs or political views.

It is important for any applicant to remain specific in the writing of their paper, information found somewhere else must not be included; what appears in the resume shouldn't be restated. They should also develop information supported with quotations and credible evidence. Points stated should be elaborated, the applicant must ensure that they don't leave points for the reader to brainstorm, they don't have the time.

Research is essential in writing an application; in-case the admission requires the applicant to state why they chose the institution. The applicant must find some background information about the institution in-order to know what to write about. The writer should be careful not to write what is too obvious, for instance, the great things they have been hearing about the college, they should instead present something new. 

An application essay should be simple; complex terms work against applicants in that they might be vague to the admission officers who don't have the time to work on clarifications. Applicants should use single words compared to phrases, it saves time. Points should flow logically and they should have a good transition from one point to the  other. Sentences used should be of the right length, passing out the idea early enough. The paragraphs should be of the right length, discussing an idea per paragraph.

It should comprise of good written grammar, an excellent command of it gives admission officers an easy task to read through the content and understand the idea perfectly. Typos and grammar errors are termed as careless mistakes and they might cost dearly any applicants. Computers shouldn't be relied on for spelling checks, they don't identify the right words for the right occasions provided their spellings are correct.