Writing a Definition Research Paper

A definition research paper aims at explaining what a particular term means. It entails presenting information clearly using facts,figures and examples that the reader will understand.

Writing a definition research paper entails defining a particular topic in one's own words. The writer must be knowledgeable on the topic they are presenting to the reader in-order to state and explain it clearly. One has to understand the term before defining it for others, therefore research must be done,   for instance one might use a dictionary but they shouldn't copy verbatim what is in the dictionary. It is advisable for one to explain the topic in their own words.

The topic one chooses should be understandable to the writer, the writer has to choose a topic which they are interested in since it ensures that they work towards it with enthusiasm, therefore giving the reader their best. Topics which are too general  should also be narrowed example if one is talking about  “Racism” which is a broad topic, they might narrow it to “Racism in Italy.”

A definition essay must have a thesis.; A statement which the whole research is attached to. A thesis statement gives the reader a general overview of what the content of the research is all about. It also prevents the writer from straying from the main topic of the research.

There are varied ways  of defining a term to make it more understandable, for instance, one might define it by its function, what it does or the manner it works. One might also define it by the way it is put together(structure).It might also be defined by comparing the subject to something else. Another important defining method is the negation method, which calls for defining something from what it isn't, example, the Goth religion is not satanism.

A definition research paper must have a clear outline to make sure the thread of argument is clear from the beginning. Irrelevant arguments and points render the whole research incomprehensible and the credibility of the writer becomes questionable to the reader. The writer should use concrete words and sentences of the right length which drive the reader straight to the point. Vague statements and phrases shouldn't be used since they confuse the reader more.

Writers should make sure they have gotten information from the most reliable sources, since definitions must be accurate. Citations have to be made for information the writer gets from other sources to avoid incidences of plagiarism. It is however advisable for the writer to ensure that the research paper contains their opinions and arguments, since readers will get bored by chunks of information which are from other sources.

In-order to prove the accuracy of the the research, the writer has to use examples,or illustrations. They might also link their information to other sources offering the same information to give the reader a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. Putting in personality in a piece of writing for instance anecdotes; a story within a story gives the reader an enjoyable reading and glues them to the content.

After writing, it is mandatory for the writer to proofread the content to make sure it is correct and if there are any gaps left, they should fill them up. Proofreading also helps id eliminating mechanical errors for instance, bad sentence construction, bad spellings and poor punctuation.