How to Write a Dissertation Paper

A dissertation paper is a document prepared by a candidate presenting their research and its findings. It requires the author to present the findings of their research in support of their course.

The writer starts by making a proposal, the aim of the proposal is to give the plan for the whole research for the examiner to approve. The writer must not start the report without consulting the examiner since they might disapprove it, forcing the writer to start all over again. Approval by the examiner ensures that the writer knows the expectations of the examiner hence the writer develops the direction to follow; a proposal serves as the basis of the paper.

Writing a dissertation paper calls for research, the author must review literature and collect relevant data. Developing the plot of a dissertation paper calls for brainstorming, following of the guidance from professors and digging deeper for information with the aim of improving. Information about the research one is conducting can be obtained from the Internet; by visiting academic assistance agencies, libraries can also help the writer significantly as sources of information or the writer can interview professionals in the field they are writing on.

Making an outline is mandatory; it acts as a guide to the writer all through the research writing process. The writer knows where to start and how to present the information logically, for the reader to follow easily. An outline makes it possible for the writer to develop a viable approach to writing the research content, for instance one might choose to start with the chapter they are most comfortable with, towards the most difficult ones which require deep research.

After making an outline, the writer sets to write the dissertation paper, it should start with an introduction; it serves as a hook to glue the reader to the content, by giving a brief background of the research the writer is conducting. An intro should be clear to ensure that the main objective of the research is well stated. It should also contain a thesis statement, which is a one line statement to which the whole research revolves around. A thesis statement helps restrict the writer to the subject of the content to prevent them from irrelevancy.

The body of the research must be written with excellently; this is where the core of the research is and it calls for careful presentation of arguments and ideas, which in-turn must be supported by concrete evidence. Technical terms used in the dissertation should be defined precisely; each term must be used in only one way all through the content. The author must use concrete words and phrases which communicate directly, a dissertation is a formal document hence the writer must avoid jokes or puns  in the content.A dissertation must be written in the present tense, and the writer must use the active voice. Any negation must be stated early in sentences for instance, the writer should write; no cure for H.I.V has been found yet, and not; a cure for H.I.V has not been found yet. The writer must focus on stating results and not the circumstances into which the results were found.

Before concluding the report, proofreading must be done to ensure that the content is accurate and grammatical mistakes are eliminated. Citation must be done to the sources any information was obtained.