Basics of Writing

Writing has got its fundamental basics, for instance;it calls for good word use, sentence construction and spellings. It calls for the combination of different skills, both  mental and physical in-order to pass across information and ideas.

Writing at all times starts with a topic, however one should be very specific when choosing a topic to write on; for instance if one is writing about Cancer, they should narrow the topic, since Cancer is too general. One might narrow it to “Effects of brain cancer in East Africa.” It's always advisable for any given writer to write on the topics they are most conversant with,bearing in mind the main purpose of their piece of writing.

Any piece of writing should at all times have a powerful introduction, it helps grab the reader's attention and tell what the written content is all about. Writers should give intros which will capture the interest of the reader and keep them attached to the content until the end.

When writing, one should put all sentences in the active voice. Sentences in the passive voice appear weak as one reads through written material. Words should at all times be specific and appropriate, that is they should be used where they fit, to avoid anonymity. Sentences used must not be too long or too short; however their length should also vary to make sure the reading flows smoothly. One should never use too many words to put across a point .

Paragraphs in a piece of writing should express one idea at a time. They should withhold a sensible pattern; brought about by connecting sentences logically, by use of linking phrases and words. Words used should be understandable to the reader therefore one should substitute  complex words with simple ones. Its advisable for the writer to anticipate the reader's questions brought about by the piece of writing and answer them early enough.

While writing, uniqueness and unpredictability gives any reader cause to read through any piece of writing to the end. A writer may develop this by writing on what is in their jurisdiction since they at all times give the content they are writing their best;it also gives the writer command over the material they write and help bring  out the key information in the best way.

Writing should never be done as a duty, instead one should do it out of passion. The love for writing is a basic writing requirement; it helps to give the piece of writing a good flow. It also helps a writer express themselves in the best way hence painting a clear picture of whatever they are passing across. Passion ensures that any writer controls the flow of the content they are writing, giving the reader a well organized and clear line of argument.

Bad use of punctuation and spelling can put off any reader. Correct punctuations and words should be adhered to at all times for instance, one should keep an eye for errors like “its” and “it's”, “their” and “there” etc. It will therefore be  prudent for any writer to read and reread their work to make sure these mistakes are rectified. A writer may use spelling checkers in-case they have a computer with the software.

The conclusion should round off the piece of writing, giving the reader something to ponder about and maybe provoke them to action.