How to Write Good Articles

A good article comprises of three main aspects, namely;The introduction, the main body  and the conclusion. The introduction gives the reader a gist of what the article is all about, that is, the subject of the article. The  main body comprises of the full information or idea the writer wants to pass across, while the conclusion is the summary of all the main points mentioned  before.

For any writer to come up with a good article,they should first research widely on the subject matter, equip himself as a writer with the most uptodate information about the subject, to avoid loopholes which might lead to criticism. The writer should think carefully, on what to say and how to say it. They  should  think about what will be new and of interest to the readers, without telling them what they already know. The writer should identify a theme and carefully develop it logically.

An article should have a heading which will grab the attention of the reader. It should be clear and self explanatory. Titles which are catchy tend to provoke the curiosity of the reader. A writer shouldn't use a title which will require the reader to read through the article first in order to understand it.

A good article should be clear and simple, since people who read them have different backgrounds. It's also good to avoid technical language which might not be understandable to a particular group of people, example a journalist might understand what a cliché or journalese is but a business person might not. The writer should develop a foundation for their ideas, by anticipating the reader's questions and answering them early enough in the article. The article should justify the 5Ws and a H, that is WHO, WHAT, WHERE,WHEN, WHY and HOW. The material written should be relevant to the subject matter hence as a writer, avoid unnecessary information.

Sentences and paragraphs should be short, precise and simple to understand. They should be to the point to hold the reader, bulleted points also help the reader to grasp quickly the main points of the article. The article should read quickly and easily, with each paragraph dealing with one idea,with the points falling logically one after the other.

The length of an article is another important factor to consider,a reader would prefer to read a short article which passes across information rather than a very long article that doesn't say much. A writer should understand readers don't have too much time to spare and if the  article is too long they are apt to lose concentration and give up.

A writer shouldn't be too impersonal, he/she should at times throw in personal opinions provided they are in tandem with the subject matter of the article. Let readers feel that you are talking to them by making the article conversational, it makes the readers feel that you're speaking directly to them and  will at the end of the day be obligated to take a personal interest in the  article.

Lastly the writer should edit the article by going through it, reviewing and maybe rewriting some words and phrases. The writer should make sure everything reads correctly with paragraphs and sentences  reading smoothly. The writer may also ask someone to proofread the article and criticize it, then make use of the criticism to develop it further.