How to Write Good Academic Journal

Improving writing skills towards development of academic journal articles

Good academic journals require skills to ensure anybody writing them realizes a good final article. The writer should understand the philosophy of the academic writing styles. Normally academic writing is impersonal.

Research is mandatory if ever any academic writer wants to come up with a good academic article. One should find out what is there to aid in the whole process and they should make sure it is relevant to the subject of the article. One needs time to have a a clear perspective of the material which is available, and if it will be of any use in the end. Take notes especially of any links recommended which might lead to greater pools  of information for development of your article. It's not advisable for a writer to get information from just one source. The article writer should make sure that any information unearthed is not outdated, therefore avoid sources which are.

A research question should always be in mind , it helps the writer know the field they should be confined to hence avoid cumbersome research which will be of little use at the end of the day. The writer should fight the urge to use material which appears relevant but it doesn't answer the question. In answering the research question, the writer should deal with one idea at a time. It's wrong to tackle the whole question at once. Dealing with an idea at a time helps in a good connection and flow of the written article. It is advisable for the writer to have an idea book at all times, ideas come at the most unlikely moments and the writer will note them down.

The writer should use the inverted pyramid to present ideas, that is the most important ideas should always come first. The introduction should touch on the subject of the whole article, the reader will get the gist of the whole article from the introduction. Personal comments should always be put at bay,the writer should also avoid expressions example, “Research shows that” it makes the research article sound awkward.

Getting obvious things wrong or incomplete is disastrous, the writer should be careful not to give the reviewer  something to criticize. Mistakes in the early stages of any article can make readers reject the article. The writer should be aware of foreign words and unfamiliar names and make sure they are  written  right. Editing is a must, for example phrases should be cut and in turn replaced by concrete words. The active voice is always the best for an academic article.

An academic article should be up to date ,the writer should  always pay attention to to the publication date of any material used, information from a long time ago might be misleading, example there might be a new development which will obviously be absent in- case outdated  material is used.

Any writer should not shy away from asking for help, therefore he/she should use any human resources available. Professors and other knowledgeable people help especially in evaluating sources. Librarians also help since they know much about the material they are in charge of. They might also help locate information which is hard to come by. The researchers themselves if available will be of great help to any writer therefore they should be consulted.