How can human trafficking be stopped?

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How can human trafficking be stopped?

Human trafficking is the act of trading human beings either for commercial working, slavery or for forced labor which can occur within a country or transnationally. Trafficking of human beings is a crime that every leader in the world in conjunction with the various bodies are trying to stop because it violates a victim’s rights i.e. of movement and even speech.

Many of the abductors often use coercion by promising people of a better life only to later exploit them later when they reach their desired location. Article 3 of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receiving persons using force or other forms of coercion such as deception, abduction, and threat later exploiting them.

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Some of the work most of these people go to perform include prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or any other similar practice. Some even are made to sell their organs without their knowledge. It is vital for people to understand that human trafficking consists of three elements which include:

  • Act

It describes the actions that took place which is, transportation, recruitment, transfer of people from one geographical region to another, etc.

  • Means

An element which explains how the actions took place i.e. either by threatening a person, coercion, fraud, abduction, force or by offering payments and benefits to a person who is in control of the victim.

  • Purpose

Tries to justify why the vice occurred. Explains the exploits used i.e. prostitution, forced labor, slavery, etc.

There exist different types of human trafficking which include:

  • Sexual Trafficking
  • Forced Marriages
  • Child Trafficking
  • Labor Trafficking
  • Organ Trade Trafficking

Sexual trafficking is the coercion of a person either male or female constantly bullying them in engaging in a sexual activity as a condition for having them get abroad. It is a vice which affects approximately 4.5 million users who are trafficked without knowing the kind of jobs they are going to work in.

Other types of trafficking include child trafficking which is the largest known trafficking business since many of the children are recruited, transported for exploitation, statistics show that 35% of the trafficked people in the year 2011 were below the age of twenty years to which Thailand and Brazil constituted among the countries with the highest child sex trafficking records. It is often known that many of the traffickers take advantage of the poor financial background that most of these children come from. Many of the parents have no choice but to end up selling their children mainly to pay their bills and loans which continue to accrue.

So, what are some of the ways to how human trafficking can be stopped?

1.   A person needs to be a conscio0us and informed consumer thus constantly asking questions to who knit your clothes or picked your clothes and frequently checking with the Department of Labor to see the list of goods that are produced by children can help mitigate the issue which will reduce cases of children working in these factories and production industries.

2.   Meeting with federal government representatives will let them know that you care about human trafficking and so will be easier for you to gain some of the answers that you require in knowing how the vice can be stopped.

3.   Registering and volunteering with the programs and organizations put in place in ensuring that there are no cases of child trafficking taking place helps the human population to become alerted with any situation that presents itself as trafficking to which it can be easier for them to report and bring those involved to justice.

4.   There exist call center numbers to which some are free to dial where one can connect with the relevant authorities alerting them of any suspicious activities taking place. Some of the numbers include the widely known hotline 911 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888 both of which work 24hrs.

Human trafficking is a vice that needs to be stopped. Following the above steps will help change the society and the world to becoming a safe place.

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