Should college athletes be paid?

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Should college athletes be paid?

Talent is an important factor in a person’s life whether it is for career purposes or as a hobby since it is known to have an advantage in a person’s life. There exist differentiated opinions as to whether college athletes need to be paid. Some people are in favor whereas the rest are either skeptical or not in favor.

Should college athletes be paid?

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Athletic programs are known to generate millions of dollars in revenue for schools from some of the revenue they generate from sponsorship deals, however, not all of them support the move and thus believe that compensating athletes is potentially harmful to college sports.

What are some of the advantages of paying college athletes?

Many students benefit from such payments as some of them come from financially disabled backgrounds. It is known that these students are the ones going out to the field and put their bodies on the line thus winning games unlike the promoters, sponsors or the college itself. Hence, it makes common sense that with all the income generated by these athletic games, it is imperative for most of these players to receive a salary or payment to how most of their professional counterparts in the professional industry get their wage thus motivating them to improve even more.

Sports is an integral part of any human being since constant exercises help improve and strengthen your body which can have a positive impact in your life. Physical sports, like athletics or playing rugby without the relevant training and the constant dedication, can leave you in many injuries whenever you try them out. Hence payment of athletes helps encourage a will of constantly appearing to fields, tracks for one to have a major shot in competing in one of the best leagues hence securing a better future.

Many college athletes that often benefit from payment as a motivation boost often get more attention from other college students who would love to wish that their talent become recognized. It sparks a lot of dedication from the enrolled playing students and hence helps attract more talented and better athletes benefiting the college and the student as well.

College games are known to generate massive income from the partnerships and the sponsorship deals that are associated with them. Non-profit associations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) helps control how some of the money is utilized and managed among registered schools. This type of association requires abiding schools to offer sponsorship or scholarship opportunities to students helping promote and improve talent in the country.

It should, however, be noted that there also exist cons in the paying of these athletes and many of the critics argue many of the college athletes may not be paid by cash but by exposure which may be a subpar deal for most of these athletes. Many of the professional players in major leagues are known to get millions of dollars and thus may hindermost of the students feeling if sports is the right way of taking it as a career option.

Many of the students and peers in the same colleges can show envy and animosity among them which would make many believe as an unfair way in their eyes. Some colleges may also start to receive budget problems on how they can account for everything in their daily running of the institution which risks a college degrading their quality and some of the campus needs.

Lots of arguments exist if a college student requires payment for most of their services. It is a never-ending topic as many people have different opinions about what is right and wrong. Many students are impatient and suffer deeply from an inability to delay gratification. Colleges, therefore, be used to teaching these students great life lessons on how nothing comes on a silver platter. Hard work, focus, and determination are some of the key variables that will help improve and shape most of their careers.

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