Why should you pay for your music?

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Why should you pay for your music?

With technology, traditional forms of downloading music and listening to it limits the amount of space required on your mobile device or laptop to continuing downloading media songs. Many streaming applications have come to provide a solution to this problem, however, most of them charge a subscription fee either monthly or yearly. Therefore, is there a reason for one to pay for music?

Before these mobile applications came into existence, people never really paid for music and so would download from various free sites which have always been the main concern for many singers and artists worldwide as the vice is always illegal. Most of the websites that offer copyrighted materials get closed by the various authorities, however, many of them find ways of opening them right after becoming a game of cat and mouse.

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Should musicians ask for cash in exchange for their music? A wide number of people would disagree with me since they are accustomed to getting free things. Others are skeptical about purchasing the music and end up not liking the album at all. It should be noted that some of these musicians even face challenges in affording their studio rates or even gear to which here are some of the reasons that one should pay for their music.

Many people associate music with a hobby and few see it as a career path. One may think that composing a song takes overnight and bliss! It needs to be realized that many of our musicians take months even years coming up with an album, therefore, a lot of work is required accompanied by planning. Many of the artists, producers deserve to be paid and are known for using equipment’s that cost lots of money.

The amount of money most music artistes ask for is insanely cheap. Most of the songs are under a dollar so, by not supporting them it means that you propose the notion that music is expensive and hence downloading from websites illegally is your cup of tea. Using the above as an excuse cannot be taken into consideration and thus one is taken to promoting piracy which is considered illegal.

One should note that music does not age and so if the record is great then it will have many years of playing time either at homes or pubs and even clubs creating great memories reminiscent of the good old days. Thus, paying a fee which will let you own the music is an important way of supporting the industry and the talent that comes with it.

Changing your own culture from illegally downloading music content illegally and then praising the singer via social media sites will not help pay their recording studio fees or their living. One of the great ways of showing support is by purchasing the label thus offering the musician a higher chance to grow and produce more lovely music for the world to hear. Music is known to heal the mind and body of a person and so is known for creating everlasting relationships and bonds among people. Most couples are known to have met through music making it a strong form of social linking and creation of relationships.

It is worth noting that before music is released, so is the preparations and the money spent on the quality of the production to be top-notch. Many musicians pay for their live equipment’s, music lessons, amplifiers and so on thus the total cost of production compares to nothing the song is being sold for. Parents did pay for their music when in their younger days which means that paying for these songs has been into practice even in the past. Paying or subscribing to the service means that you treasure the music and so is the reason you are purchasing it. Many old age people have their albums which were purchased a long time ago showing that paying for content means that you value the artist and the music.

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