How can pro-life and pro-choice groups work together?

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How can pro-life and pro-choice groups work together

Abortion rights in the US were for a long time seen as purely state matter which had some restrictions such as forbidding it after the fourth month of pregnancy. The first legal restriction on abortion came in the 19th Century where the American Medical Association enacted laws which banned abortion in the country which viewed abortion providers as unwanted healthcare competitors.

The ban, however, never lasted a longer period due to the high number of maternal mortality rates caused by illegal and restricted abortions which made many nurses, physicians, and social workers push for its legalization. Most of the abortion support went beyond feminists and medical professions which brought to life the pro-life and the pro-choice groups that have different viewpoints regarding abortion.

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The pro-choice movement consists of many organizations that have no centralized decision-making body hence the reason as to why many individuals support their views and arguments but are not members of the movement. It is understood that the reasoning behind the majority support is because of their objectives and tactics to sections of the anti-abortion movement and the extreme arguments to the refusal of some circumstances such as incest or rape which are justifiable for one to have an abortion. Leading advocacy groups in the United States consist of the National Abortion Federation, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and some of the major feminist organizations. There consist of faith-based groups that also advocate abortion rights such as Catholics for Choice and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

The pro-choice movement can alternatively mean anti-choice while pro-life as anti-life which is a community-based organizational campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion thus opposing abortion. Pro-life organizations believe that every new human life created at the moment of fertilization is entitled to the same law protection as any other human being. It should be clearly understood that when a politician comes out as pro-life then they completely support that the born or the unborn are both lives and thus need not to be aborted. The main objective of the pro-life organizations is to protect the human life thus argue that the fetus has a right to life from conception to natural death, and it is considered as human life from the moment of conception. They believe that women have no right to decide upon the life of expected children during pregnancy and thus emphasize by use of specific terms like a fetus or unborn children to emphasize that abortion is a crime regard is as an equivalency to killing an innocent child.

Pro-choice movement organizations advocate the women’s right to having illegal safe access to abortion as a public health goal that can improve the social, physical and also the mental health of a mother. The pro-life choice is a movement of freedom of women’s decisions and thus do not suggest whether women must have their abortions. The pro-choice organizations argue that stopping women from undergoing an abortion will have them look for illegal ways to dos so and thus implementing abortion laws is not the right solution to curbing abortion.

Abortion is defined by the World Health Organization as the termination of pregnancy before the stage of viability and hence an induced abortion is characterized by deliberate interference with pregnancy either by the woman or by another person who has the sole aim of terminating it. Some of the determinants of abortion include the legislation put in place that either permits or prohibits the practice, the availability of abortion services, availability of professionals that are qualified in undertaking the procedure. It should be noted that many countries have different legal positions regarding abortion with an example being Luxemburg which permits abortion depending on one’s physical or mental status.

Today, it is hard for both of these groups to work together and so most of the complexities arrive due to the fact that the healthcare sector is unregulated and so many professionals refuse to participate in the provision of treatment to certain patients.

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