Is there a way to reduce abortions without legislation?

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Is there a way to reduce abortions without legislation?

There is a high rise in the number of abortion rates that take place in many developing countries to which is being attributed to the difficulty in accessing contraceptives. Abortion rates in developed countries have seen a drop of 40% which is an all-time low for the past 25 years according to a report by the World Health Organization and the Guttmacher Institute.

The rising number of abortions seen in many developing countries is a worry since many of the legislation put in place offer little help in curbing this vice. So, is there a way to reduce abortions without legislation?

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Many researchers have identified that criminalizing abortion does little to reduce the practice and in many developing countries, abortion is completely illegal, however, the average annual abortion rate stands at thirty-seven per a thousand women who are aged between the ages of fifteen to forty-four years.

Criminalizing abortion is one of the options that many developing countries have put in place to try and curb the vice, however, it has been found that rather than preventing the vice it further drives women to seek illegal ways to doing so. One of the more evident reasons to why abortion rates are rampant in these anti-abortion countries is because many of the contraception methods or use of medicines, sex education, and other family-planning services are not easy to obtain and there seems to lack education about sex which is considered a taboo in many developing countries. It is evident that with little contraception, there are more unplanned pregnancies hence the more abortions that take place. Many women often practice most of these unsafe illegal abortions rather than bearing their unwanted pregnancies thus bearing a higher risk of maternal mortality which condemns them to a poverty-driven cycle with which many cannot afford.

In developed countries, the continued fall in abortion rates is largely contributed by the increase using of contraception which allows women to have greater control over the number of children they want and control over the timing of their pregnancies. The same, however, cannot be said about developing countries where, although, there exist family planning methods, there are many unintended pregnancies due to the high need for modern contraception that has not yet been realized thus the increment number of abortions and unwanted pregnancies.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and thus making abortion illegal will increase the number of cases hence making certain people profiting from this illegal practice. It may end up worse for some women who might end up searching for different ways of supporting their abortions which is not safe and easier and the safest method of doing so. There are about 22 million unsafe abortions practiced by unqualified people and women that lack the necessary skills to safely performing the procedure. Data from the World Health Organizations states that 47,000 girls and women die each year whilst another 5 million passes because of some of the injuries that are sustained due to the practice of unsafe abortion.

Removing some of these legislations is a way to reducing abortion and thus the need to educate young girls and women on the effects of early pregnancies and what is in for them is the next step to reducing the number of cases experienced by the practice of this vice. It may seem like a simple act to do but with the type of strict laws that are being passed on by the various governments will continue seeing women doing abortions and will not have access to safe abortion and so countries that are looking at reducing the abortion rates and the chances of unwanted pregnancies need to put more of their emphasis on reducing the rates of unwanted pregnancy. Doing that is safe since there is technology that backs them and needs to be offered by different vendors which will make it accessible to every lady nearer.

With the continued practice and implementation of these changes then there will be higher chances of these cases reducing.

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