Leadership is a quality which can be developed through self-improvement and learning

Leadership is a quality which can be developed through self-improvement and learning - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
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Leadership is a quality which can be developed through self-improvement and learning

There are many questions regarding whether leaders are born or made. It is the same question whenever you ask someone whether it is an egg or a chicken that came first. Do most of these questions have answers?

Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization by exercising influence over others on behalf of another superior person. So, are leaders born or made? There exist many theories which state that leaders are born while others say that they are made. Theories such as the Great Man and Trait theories believe that people inherit certain quality traits that make them better suited to them becoming leaders.

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There exist inborn characteristics that make one become a leader, however, one needs to note that there is also a huge difference between learning and mastering a new skill. Some may give examples of music artists who excel at signing from a tender age or athletes that are talented in the sport they are in since many of them excel naturally and thus proposing the notion that leaders are born and not made.

Leaders can also be made also known as artificial leaders. Many questions are asked such as if leaders are born, then why the need to study leadership or management hence the notion of associating leadership with birth is arguably in different viewpoints.

People who strive to gain leadership skills get an enhancement which can be achievable through self-improvement and learning thus playing a larger role in a person’s career development. It is advisable for one to enhance their soft skills if they wish to get forward with their career paths and the sole reason to why many organizations prefer a person with leadership skills since they are more likely to get promotions thus becoming successful in their personal lives.

It should, however, be noted that few leaders are born leaders and so the rest require practice since leadership development is important through learning many of the different types of leadership and the skill sets that will successfully guide one in becoming a successful leader. So, what are some of the skills that one can learn hence improving their leadership skills?

For one to be hired to a high-level profile job, it is vital for you becoming a critical thinker since great leaders are known to foresee potential problems thus preventing or mitigating the issue before they develop into many problems. It should be noted that good leaders need to be aware of the opportunities that come across them hence are required to take full advantage which benefits both the company and the workers.

Leaders need to take initiatives for the task they do and so if more work is given to you by your superiors, one needs not to become sad and so it is advisable for one to not go below their current positions. Taking on extra projects within and outside your job description will help you to continue developing and enriching your skills which is why the more work a person is involved in, the more the responsibility which will help you continue to develop your skills.

Good listeners are one of the important factors or traits of a good leader. It is known that without the above skills, it is harder for one to get feedback from others hence not knowing what requires an upgrade and the one that does not. Communication and feedback are key elements and thus listening keenly and effectively help one avoid distractions thus responding effectively and appropriately. It should be noted that verbal communication is not enough and thus being aware to some of the body language and gestures will help you effectively understand what one is really talking about.

Being disciplined in your work and at the same time self-motivated will help you achieve your dreams and thus execute most of your goals. Many of these visions or goals cannot be achieved or realized without the person becoming self-disciplined which will ensure that your leadership quality is effectively developed through learning and self-improvement.

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