Are beauty contests a positive thing for young girls?

Are beauty contests a positive thing for young girls? - 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
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Are beauty contests a positive thing for young girls?

Beauty pageants have brought lots of controversies by including young children who are mostly girls below 10 years old. It is one of the controversial issues that has seen a rise with America having around 3 million pageants taking part in the industry. Should beauty contests offer a positive thing for these young girls that enroll?

The above question is opinionated and thus the answer differs from one person to the other. It brings lots of debate that leaves many divided. Some may propose the idea citing positives whereas then rest negate the kind of exposure that many of the children are exposed to.

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Many parents that go against beauty contests since the pageants are taken through various situations that make them feel tired with which their coached do not care about. Most of the young girls are pushed to the limit and the fact that their faces are put in makeup at that tender age makes many parents furious with these agencies. The young ladies are made to wear clothes that may seem awful to many parents and thus would want a girl to decide for themselves rather than being forced into becoming a beauty pageant.

Some parents even go as far as seeing the industry in promoting sexists. The kind of clothes that most of these young girls put on are deemed sexist to which the same agencies charge a whole lot of cash the agencies to charge them for their beauty and let someone judge them making them lose self-esteem when growing up. Most of the examples laid out in this article are negative, however, some of the parents do acknowledge that it helps in reducing stage freight since it gives them the courage and confidence required in standing in front of an audience. Becoming overconfident is also seen as a bad thing for many children growing up. Some end up becoming arrogant and the constant teachings that they practice in these beauty pageant agencies can as well lead to depression, starvation among other serious conditions. It has come to the attention of many that children who participate in the contest have their parents to blame since they are the ones who enrolled them in the first place which can have a negative influence to the child as they will feel undermined and underappreciated since their guardians or parents expect much more than what their age can offer.

Regarding many of the issues that parents dislike about the pageant industry like the make-ups that are being worn by many of their sons and daughters, however, some of these agencies have gone ahead and come up with competition that does not involve the application of makeup or any cosmetic. Even though there is a lot of debate if they offer any positives for young girls, many previous beauty pageants have come to their defense saying how they provide opportunities for girls that are interested and likely to succeed in this area because a lot of competition exists. Some parents give their reason for enrolling their small girls to the industry to which many of them explain the self-control and discipline that they get from their training which includes exercising, dieting, time management and reiterating that becoming a beauty pageant is not always about beauty and thus most of the young girls are offered a chance of displaying their talents and given many challenging questions to answer some challenging questions that require them to spark ideas in a quick moment hence stimulating their minds.

It should be considered that the above reasons might not go down well with many parents who do not support the idea, however, the idea behind young girls used to portray femininity in the clothes they are to put on does not sit well with majority of the society because beauty pageants are now seen to promoting and selling beauty rather than developing and uplifting the personality of the girl child.

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