If working conditions are optimal and managers remain cooperative employees will be satisfied with lower pay scales

If working conditions are optimal and managers remain cooperative employees will be satisfied with lower pay scales - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
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If working conditions are optimal and managers remain cooperative employees will be satisfied with lower pay scales

It is important for every business or company to understand the importance of a good working environment for every employee. Job satisfaction is defined as a measure of a worker’s contentedness with their job and can be measured in a cognitive, affective and behavioral component.

There are various reasons why many businesses and managers spend lots of time measuring inspecting the causes of employee turnover in their organizations. Many of these companies work so because they believe in the idea that if they can identify the sole reason for the workers leaving, then they can try to stop employee turnover. There are various reasons why workers strive to leave a company. It should be noted that workers stay in their jobs and the same reasoning that they used in remaining is important as when they decide to leave. An individual will stay in a job under certain conditions, but what makes employee stay at their jobs?

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It is important to believe that many employees tend to remain in their companies until they come to some issues that would make them want to leave their workplace. There is no organizational direct reward whenever there is an organizational success in a company thus no worker benefits from the success achieved hence asking the question whether success in an organization is enough in influencing a worker’s job satisfaction. Many studies have taken place, however, there is no clear contribution to clarify the relationship.

A worker’s environment consists of two dimensions which are work and context. Work entails the tasks that are laid to him by their manager and will involve tasks like the way the job is carried out and completed. Many researchers who have conducted their research have found that there are many ways through with which there seems to be a positive relationship between the workers' environment and the job satisfaction.

Researchers have observed various reasons that many businesses ignore the fact that a worker’s working environment within an organization has an effect i.e. positive or negative that has an adverse effect which results to the performance of their employees. A good working environment needs to provide a system for recognition on a good performance, job security, motivation by managers and senior colleagues to recognition on performing well and offer more motivation thus enabling them to participate more in the decision-making process of the organization. It should be noted that once employees know that the company has their needs at heart, then it motivates them to have a high level of commitment no matter the type of job they are working. The above examples offer an employee a sense of ownership to continue working for their organization.

Different organizational factors such as wages, working hours, organizational structure and communication between various departments i.e. employees and management may as well affect the level of job satisfaction of an employee. Many supervisors or managers are known not to offer workers the respect they deserve. Some of the workers complain of how harsh the managers are instead of fostering good relationships that will help them in coming up with good innovative ideas that will help the organization in achieving their long-term goals. Top-management level workers are known to limit the work done by their workers rather than offering them a sense of responsibility that is required by them to attaining a high performance.

It should be noted that the working environment of an employee has a positive effect on the job satisfaction of a worker. Employees who are working in a bad environment often restrict most of their capabilities to attaining full potential of their capabilities. Work environments where employees are involved such as being given a teamwork approach and a supportive manager often leads to workers having a positive impact on their jobs. Hence, if working conditions are optimal and managers remain cooperative, then it provides a higher chance that most employees will remain satisfied with the pay scale they are getting from these institutions.

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