How to write a Ph.D. research proposal on deep learning

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How to write a Ph.D. research proposal on deep learning

A research proposal is a document which is concise and has a clear summary of what you propose. Research proposals require one to be familiar with the topic that is set to be completed in a realistic time frame, however, not many students know how to write a Ph.D. research on deep learning.

Pursuing post-graduate studies require final year students to write a final research paper but not many of them follow the right format on how to write a Ph.D. research on deep learning. People write research proposals to validate that the topic addresses a significant problem where a plan is formulated to help in explaining the reasons behind the findings of your research. Many post-graduate students require thesis statements since it is the key which helps in offering the reader significant information giving them an overview of whatever is being argued in the research paper.

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The key advantages to having research statements are that they possess a collection to both primary and secondary data which assists in displaying the relationship to some of the known and unknown facts or findings that are written in a research paper. Students are known to formulate some of these ideas as they are often done through brainstorming which helps in figuring out the necessary relationships behind certain questions and arguments making the statement interesting to the readers arguing some of the facts that most readers were not expecting to read. Thesis statements in research proposals are known to show relationships to the previously written research paper.

It is extremely important for one to familiarize themselves with the deep learning algorithms that are being used today. Learning about the current state helps the student in clearly understanding how the algorithms work and knowing some of the problems that people are focusing on. Familiarize yourself with the main deep learning algorithms.

Whenever one is writing their research proposal on deep learning, it is imperative for them to identify the research gaps thus identifying some of the problems that need to be addressed in your research proposal. Identifying a research gap helps in arguing the relevance of the problem and why there is the need for conducting a research for the same problem. One needs to ask themselves if the problem is enough for people to care for highlighting some of the supporting issues that need to be addressed showing its importance to the matter. Students working on their Ph.D. research proposal need to put most of their answers in context to guide the reader with a chronological flow to what you are talking about.

Conducting a literature review by identifying some of the published content by other researchers is useful since it provides the student with an idea of what some of the previous researchers found in their study. Conducting a deep research is vital in the identification of some of the research gaps that are not easily evident and hence provides a wider picture of what you are researching about.

After getting all the necessary information needed, one requires to describe the methodology used in collecting most of the data that will be used in tackling the problem. Here, their reader is provided with analytical analysis that is useful to them in clearly understanding the tools the researcher used in passing out their information.

Ph.D. research students are expected to identify some of the challenges they encountered whenever they were collecting the data for analysis and if there were any issues involved that were to delay the whole research proposal. It is vital for the student to indicate some of the solutions they went ahead in formulating for them to continue with their research.

Students should not forget to provide and describe how they will use their data and the metrics which they will use in evaluating the methods used. It is important for one to be clear and concise when writing their Ph.D. research proposal as it also increases one’s learning on the research they are undertaking.

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