What is a literature survey in any project report?

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What is a literature survey in any project report

Reviewing the literature is an essential component when writing academic papers that use research findings for ideas and points they try to make. It is also a requirement for the project report. What is a literature survey in any project report?

A literature survey in a project report represents the study done to assist in the completion of a project. A literature survey also describes a survey of the previous existing material on a topic of the report.

A project report is an assessment during a process or project conveying these details:

  • Accomplished sub goals
  • Expended resources
  • Problems encountered
  • Estimation on whether the project is likely to complete on time and within provided budget

The focus of a literature survey in on the following and in this order:

  • Existing theories on a topic with universal acceptance across the board
  • Books on the subject acting as a reference for the concepts that project uses whether they are specific or generic.
  • Current research concerning the field of the project from the oldest to latest. Research papers might be a reference for theories nut most cases require a critical comparison to establish the purpose of the project and improvement
  • You may also include another project report and what helped you
  • Challenges for the project and by ongoing work if it is available

Literature surveys provide brief overviews or a summary of the current research on topics. The structure written requires to be in a way that it seemed logical. It needs to chronologically represent a development of the ideas in the field that is being researched. The length of a literature survey depends much on whether the purpose of the project report is to complete a college assignment or submitting for journal publication. It can review a few research papers on a topic or be a full-length discussion on the significant work in the field until that date.

Some of the objectives required in writing a literature survey include for the understanding on some of the fundamentals of learning the definitions and concepts that will help in discovering topics that are based on previous research.

Literature surveys are used in ensuring that the used experiments, methodologies and experiments offer reliability and validity in the research being conducted. The surveys need to show essential content avoiding much interpretation. One’s opinions and conclusions require to be separated from the content in the cited sources.

The topic of literature survey must be relevant and narrow for it to be straight to the point. It identifies the most relevant research papers from a study on the topic. Writing the tutorial on a subject requires citing of identified literature as much as possible. However, it should not present any new results but provide a summary of the existing state of knowledge on a subject.

So, what are some of the differences between a Literature Survey and a Literature review?

A literature survey differs from a review because many do not contain a synopsis. They are known to provide the working knowledge about the state of a field or research topic. It will include many notes but without a real analysis or an opinion. The purpose of a literature survey is to decide easy of moving a research idea forward on what researchers have done and exciting avenues that it opens for investigation during future work in the field.

On the other hand, a literature review is a collection of numerous sources to prove a point. The argument is defined. It might have or not have opinions depending on the field but will include an in-depth analysis with a basis on those sources. It is more of a completed technical version of the literature survey with review and recommendation of the most beneficial move to progress and avenues of further research that could yield to new valuable knowledge. Literature reviews are known to highlight key findings and identifies some of the research gaps that appear in the literature you are writing about in your dissertation. They are known to provide an analysis to some of the methodologies that other writers have used in their research papers.