What exactly is a literature review in a thesis?

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What exactly is a literature review in a thesis?

Literature reviews are known as the recipe for writing great research papers. So, what exactly is a literature review in a thesis?

A literature review is a type of essay that summarizes the main point of what is being discussed in a topic. It is a written summary that is composed as an argument that lets writers conclude the research paper with the findings received from their research methodology on some of the insights that seek to emerge.

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Literature reviews are designed to provide an overview of sources one has explored while researching on a topic demonstrating how the research fits a larger scope of the study. The main purpose of conducting a literature review is to define a relationship of each work to others under consideration revealing research gaps that may exist in the thesis, therefore, resolving conflicts that may arise inconsistent to previous studies.

Literature reviews are used by many learning faculties such as nursing where it is known that research helps in improving a patient care due to evidence-based practices. Research is vital in the nursing industry since it uses scientific evidence with the available evidence as it studies internal and external influences on practice encouraging the use of critical thinking in the application of the evidence to an individual patient population or system.

The purpose of writing a literature review is that it helps to convey to the reader the knowledge and ideas that have been established on topics. It shows their strengths and weaknesses and is not just a descriptive list or a summary of what many may think. A literature review should justify the research ensuring that it has not been done before, explaining to the reader some of the research gaps identified in the study. It provides a context of the research and displays where the research can fit into the existing body of knowledge.

Literature reviews enable researchers to conduct studies that will help them in learning from their previous research on a theory of a subject illustrating how the subject has been studied previously. It is often used in highlighting some of the flaws and gaps that are yet to be known and show how the work is done can help in understanding and add knowledge thus helping refine the topic.

So, how does one develop a literature review?

There are several ways of coming up with a literature review. The first step is by selecting the topic that you wish to conduct a research on. One, therefore, needs to formulate a research question which is a critical factor that helps guide the user in staying focus helping them narrow down their options when conducting their research.

The writer should then broaden their research area that will help them in filling out some of the identified research gaps that may not be realizable earlier thus making an important role to the importance of the work one does. Broadening one’s research area helps one find relevant information and ideas which may have been missed that may be key to supporting most of the arguments and help in backing one’s research question.

Using the right keywords in searching for the relevant articles is useful when writing your literature review. One word’s need to be well defined to ensure that it speeds up the process hence increasing the time to finishing up your research paper in a good time. Use of keywords that are search engine optimized help bring the right information that one intends in using for their research paper hence bringing out the relevance needed. Relevant articles that researched needs to be studied by ensuring that the user gathers lots of useful information which will be beneficial to one’s thesis.

A good logical structure helps in producing a great literature review that is beneficial to the reader in understanding some of the gaps identified in the research by the writer in the paper hence ensuring that their thesis has a good organizational flow.

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