How can a teacher recognize a plagiarized essay?

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How can a teacher recognize a plagiarized essay?

Students writing essays in schools often find it hard in handing over their papers due to fear of having grades that are not desired for seeking out the services of professional writers to have their assignments done by them. Teachers are trained in identifying the potential of various students in the class and so it easier for them to recognize a plagiarized essay from each student when marking it.

Essay writing is not a simple task and so many students try to prove to teachers that their essay was not plagiarized often becomes a tough challenge convincing them. The constant rise of many writing services all over the country has made it hard for many teachers to show that the essays are not theirs.

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Writing services are being opened countrywide which has brought many reactions some of which are not positive since students these days do not produce original content lacking the necessary skill set in the society. Many of these writing services have positive remarks, however, some have negative remarks due to the high levels of plagiarism in learning institutions nowadays.

Plagiarism checking tools such as Grammarly and Turnitin have become daily tools used by many learning institutions and teachers to check whether a student’s essay is original. Many teachers have an ease in checking a plagiarized essay since the tools come in handy underlining the various sentences and the source to which the content has been pulled from.

Plagiarizing is an offense which may lead to serious charges. It involves taking in published content from the internet or a published material and claiming it as your own. Many teachers who use plagiarism tools often award poor grades to students or have them redo their work again. Institutions, however, employ serious measures that can have students suspended from school and if it comes to worse one is then expelled from the institution.

Aside from teaching, teachers are known to check the assignments and the way they recognize plagiarized essays is how the shits in a sentence to start using more sophisticated language is the first hint in them realizing that the essay has been plagiarized. Often, students do not realize the various referencing formats and so mix them up when citing most of their sources also gives another hint to teachers to know that the essay is plagiarized.

Students who cheat when giving out these essays make it easy for teachers to recognize plagiarized essays when they fail to provide references to their work. Students who also write on experiences that they never been to will act as a hint to the teacher in knowing that the said student plagiarized most of their content. Essays from students that have plagiarized their work often do not correspond to the subject matter of their assignments and so gives teachers an easier time in identifying that the content submitted is not theirs.

Teachers who experience high levels of plagiarized work from their students need to come up with strategies that they can teach their students in knowing that what they are doing is wrong. Many of the teachers will formulate strategies such as identifying a student’s motive like not being interested in the said topic or is lazy and constantly postpones their assignments. Cases such as this will help you formulate strategies that are going to help students to mitigate this kind of issue hence confronting plagiarism.

Other strategies would be to take your time in learning more about plagiarism and be ready in discussing and sharing the issue with your students encouraging them to have group discussions with members of their faculty to assist one another in brainstorming ideas. It will reduce the urge of copy and pasting materials they find on the web but rather encourage them to undertake research on the essay they have been assigned.

Lastly, use of strict rules by the teachers will help in reducing the number of plagiarism cases among students by stating clear harsh rules to your students that practice this vice.