What are the tips to write a good literature review?

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What are the tips to write a good literature review?

A good literature review is a recipe for writing a great research paper. Students often have problems writing literature reviews and most end up procrastinating on their work which often leaves students in uncompromising situations which result in them not producing better quality papers. So, what are the tips for writing a good literature review?

A literature review is a type of essay that summarizes the main point that is being discussed about a topic. it is a written summary that is composed in an argument which lets writers conclude the research paper with the findings received from their research methodology on some of the insights that seek to emerge.

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Here are 5 tips on how to write a good literature review.

It is important for one to first decide on the research topic that they wish to conduct a research in. Formulation of a research question is critical since it will guide you and help one stay in focus with their research by narrowing down their options when researching.

The reason for conducting a literature review is to ensure that there are no research gaps and hence whatever one is investigating has not been investigated before by another researcher. A literature review is important in the identification of some of the other data sources that other researchers have used hence helping one in learning how others undertook their studies.

Literature reviews help one develop alternative projects that are useful in putting one’s work into perspective and helps one understand and critically evaluate the type of research they are to undertake in their field. Literature reviews help provide researchers and readers the evidence needed in supporting one’s findings.

One of the first steps in writing a literature review is by broadening your search area. It helps one fill some of the research gaps that may not be realizable and hence provide an edge thus making a significant contribution to the importance of the work one does. Broadening one’s research area helps one find relevant information that may have been missed which would help in supporting some of the arguments that they may have missed. Broaden your search area helps one get relevant literature that can be used in backing their research question.

The next step is to ensure that the right keywords are used in searching for relevant research articles that are useful for your paper. It is key to ensuring that one’s keywords need to be well-defined as it also helps in speeding up the process hence finishing your research paper in a good time. Great keywords that one intends in using at their research paper will bring the relevance needed.

It is advisable to use the relevant articles researched hence exploring them in depth gathering lots of useful information that is beneficial to your research. Using great articles help one save the time needed for completion of their literature review making most of their free time channeled to other areas.

It is foolish for one not to ask for help as this will make you stagnate over a certain process which with the help of either your faculty members or your supervisor can help finish your research plus at the same time offer guidance that is vital to finishing your research paper. Writing a literature review is all about researching and so one must choose a topic to which they can review and can deem it as workable. It can as well take several years to review a topic and thus choosing an effective topic helps save time. It is vital that one chooses a research topic that is interesting to which many readers can find an interest in reading and get an aspect to the field.

Lastly, writing a good literature review requires one to put it in a logical structure which will be beneficial to the reader in understanding some of the gaps that have been identified in the research hence making your paper have a good organizational flow.