How to write a good foreign policy research paper

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How to write a good foreign policy research paper

Students who often take a course in political science get to write research papers on foreign policy. However, writing a good foreign policy research paper seems to be an issue for many students and so these are some of the steps that one needs to undertake before embarking on one.

One of the first steps to do is familiarizing oneself with the debate. It is best advised to check on various social media platforms that will help you get easy information regarding reports and other debates that might have occurred. Talking with people in your field will help you gain the necessary experience needed and have an idea about what you are writing about.

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Students who understand the topic given or the one selected have a better writing strategy that can further assist them to early completion of their research paper. Check whether it is an ongoing topic since one needs to connect with the current topics that will need to make writing timely.

It is advisable to narrow down on your topic since a research paper on foreign policy can have many areas of discussion hence to not going off topic, being specific will help make one’s research and writing their essay a lot easier. The first step would be to form an opinion that will be your focus point. It will become your thesis statement which will help stimulate ideas in their thinking which is often done through brainstorming by trying to understand the necessary relationships behind certain questions hence bringing out some of the facts that the readers were expecting.

Writing a good foreign policy research paper is no different to writing any other research paper. A background check to some of the existing research papers written ensures that you are not repetitive by writing what has already been written. Good research papers do not offer solutions rather an argument why a certain existing literature is not as good as the previous one.

It is imperative to conduct a thorough research on the topic you are writing on. Finding secondary data these days has become easier since there is the internet and other reading materials such as law books that are widely accessible. A sample foreign research policy paper format includes the following:

1.   Introductory part

2   Theory

•   Theories of International Relations

•   Realism

•   Liberalism

•   Constructivism

•   Other Theories of International Relations

•   Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis

•   Foundational Texts

•   Contemporary Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis

3.   Applications and Empirical Evidence

•   Theories of International Relations

•   Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis

I.   Individuals

II.   Groups

III.   Society

4.     Policy Implications

5.     Future Directions

6.     Conclusion

It is always advisable to use a captivating title that will spark a reader’s interest in helping you capture their attention more quickly rather than becoming a dull writer. Constantly using exciting titles will help show the significance of one’s research paper.

The way one starts their opening statement is important to capture the reader’s attention to continuing reading your foreign policy research paper. Quickly getting the reader’s attention is vital in writing a good foreign research paper. The way one structures their research paper needs to be simple and brief not going outside of one’s main objective and what he or she is talking about. Short sentence paragraphs help to reduce lots of unnecessary wordings that are not important to the reader hence shortening makes it memorable and easier to complete.

Writing takes a person’s time, knowledge and even energy since a lot goes into preparation to having your research paper finished on time. Students who often procrastinate always get stress in their last days of writing since they are left with bulks of unfinished work making them end up in lots of frustrations.

Lastly, conclude your essay in a memorable way that is expected to have a lasting impression on the reader. Ending your foreign policy research paper with a call to action will give the research paper a powerful ending showing the readers’ why your paper is essential. Do not forget to proofread thus checking for grammar and spelling errors is vital to writing a good foreign research paper.