How to write my Master's thesis in a month

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How to write my Master's thesis in a month

Graduate school often leaves many master’s students feeling to quit because the last research paper is known as a thesis which generally takes a lengthier period to completion. A thesis is a document that is handed in by a candidate for the award of an academic degree. Writing a thesis can be grueling at times but can one write their master’s thesis in a month?

Creating a thesis statement on time needs to be the first task one needs to come up with. It is a specific process which needs to be followed to ensure that it addresses a subject matter which many people can disagree with, express one main central idea, take on a topic that is easier supported with facts and findings and can make an argument.

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The above elements are guidelines for ensuring that your thesis statement is correct and if not correctly followed then it is yet to reach completion. Writing your master’s thesis in a month requires one to gather all their information in one area for easier writing and for one common theme.

Create an outline of your thesis not forgetting to include all the necessary sections that you need to include in your paper is the first thing one needs to undertake. In each of the sections and sub-sections created, main ideas need to be written with any other necessary information that needs inclusion.

One needs to ensure that all the sections are written in full sentences in the sections from the first draft that was done in your outline. Continue by writing complete paragraphs for each of the sections created. When writing, think about some of the objectives of why you are writing one. Is it for the completion of your master’s degree or for it to be useful to other scholars ensuring that the world can be a better place.

Remember not to go further away from your thesis statement. Consult with some of your faculty members and professors on ways to better your research and on ways to not go off topic. Many people often take a longer time to the completion of their thesis hence proving a difficult affair throughout their way. Students are known to procrastinate but finishing a dissertation in 2 weeks is possible if you are prepared and focused at the same time.

Edit and do revisions to your work frequently ensuring that your paper has a logical flow from the top right through where you are utilizing some of the data and research effectively and appropriately. Allocate most of your time effectively, setting yourself daily targets on what needs to be accomplished. Writing 1,000 words a day will help keep you psyched up daily ensuring that the rest of the day is used mainly for research and editing of your work.

Limiting yourself to whatever you can achieve on certain days will slow your morale down hence trying to get yourself in the same habit daily will allow finishing your paper earlier. Choose your primary and secondary resources and put them down in a format that your institution requires you to put in i.e. either MLA, APA or Harvard. Using a citation management software makes it easier for one to continue with their work enabling them the ease of inserting and moving citations within word programs populating the cites in a separate reference page.

Having an idea of the research methodology that you are going to use in your field will save a big chunk of one’s time. Knowing whether you will use qualitative or quantitative research at an earlier stage will help quicken your master’s thesis. Understanding whether the type of thesis is exploratory, analytical or involves the measurement of data, conducting of experiments and recording of results will offer you a wider picture of what is required for the successful completion of the research paper.

Do a comparison of your final draft with your institution's requirements before handing it over to your counsel for review. This will reduce the number of corrections needed for completion hence preparing for your defense.