How to complete an essay within a limited time

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How to complete an essay within a limited time

Many students are really struggling to write an essay within a limited time while some also find it hard to write a five-page and a long essay. There are many formats that many students use in outlining their essays, however, some of them may not apply because you are being timed. The situation leaves many students in uncompromising situations and thus cannot write better essays.

Essays that have taken much time often come out good than those written in a hurry. People who spend more time writing their essays have time to go through what they have written and can also correct some of the errors that are visible like spelling mistakes or punctuation errors.

Writing such kind of essays is still achievable and practicable in the long-run hence planning with a lot of hard work will make the situation achievable within a lesser period. Essays requiring completion within a certain time frame often shorter requires readers to develop a plan on how one will embark on that. It helps the student come up how much time he or she is going to spend a part of an essay when writing. The writer is expected to be frank when structuring the plan since they know both of their strengths and weaknesses. For example, one may be good at revision but not great at editing content. Knowing some of these situations helps one to plan and manage their time effectively avoiding brain freezes.

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Most essays have topics which are generally given by your teacher or supervisor depending on the field that you are studying. If not given, formulating one can also be a challenging process for most people. One needs to consider the essay topic as a question to find in different ways to how they could make arguments in writing about the topic. It is imperative for the writer to understand the topic clearly before embarking on it thus reducing the number of times that he or she will stop when writing the essay. If no essay topic has been given to you, then it is vital to choose a topic which is of interest to you and at the same time can share a lot of content.

Develop a thesis statement on the argument you are going to write about. Your thesis statement will show the point you want to argue in the essay to your readers. A thesis statement helps one to direct their research thus not shifting far away from their goals ensuring that their writing process is smooth and easy the same time. It is advisable to use counter-arguments because they help to fire and strengthen your essays.

Set out a fixed amount of time that will help you to stay undistracted and at the same time focused on your goal of completing the essay at the set time. Television distractions, the internet, and even your phone can keep you distracted and thus not finish your essay early. Use a more interesting introduction to all your essays making sure it is concise and clear to the point. This will ensure your readers understand the point you are trying to put across in an easier way.

Your essay should contain well-constructed points that provide enough evidence to what you are talking about in your arguments. Your main points need to have enough weight on them in the previous research you conducted on it. Ensure that you avoid the use of jargons when writing as this needs to be easier for the reader to understand. Use of long paragraphs and passive voice in your writing needs to be avoided. A rule of thumb is that ten minutes should be spent on your introduction, forty-five minutes on the body and twenty minutes on your conclusion respectively.

Ensure that you conclude in an easier way alerting the ready in your writing that the essay is coming to an end. The concluding part should be short and needs to explain the findings to your research and the limitations you encountered. Finish your essay by going through one more time, proofreading each paragraph ensuring that all the necessary errors are fixed.