How to write an Essay on violence

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How to write an Essay on violence

Violence is described as a behavior which involves physical force with the intention to hurt or damage someone or something physically or emotionally. Violence is mostly known to be caused by family members, Individuals, friends but the same may also be committed by strangers.

Violence is known to occur only once involving various tactics but may also occur frequently if escalated over a certain period i.e. either years or months. It is known to affect individual health due to the many types of inequality that continues to exist and grow in the society which we live in.

Many people often use violence to instill fear to establish power and control over another person. Violence is, however, preventable since it is a choice that one decides to take. There are various forms of violence which include sexual, psychological, spiritual, cultural, verbal and financial abuse.

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Sexual violence occurs when a person is forced to take part in a sexual activity that she does not willingly propose. Physical violence on the other hand is when one uses an object or a part of their body such as the hand to control the actions of another person. It often includes the use of physical force thus resulting to injuries, pain and even murder.

The society that we live in today is becoming violent since most of the issues we see are promoted by the media. They are known to promote intense fear to the public constantly reporting violent incidents in poor neighborhoods with increasing frequency making people see that the society they live in is violent and scary. Violence has brought people to use much of their finances on setting up security systems rather figuring ways to bring down the crime levels.

Violence tends to exist much on televisions and media than compared to books or magazines. The media is a significant contributor and children in the society today pick up the behavior at early ages. Psychology explains that a child tends to be more aggressive if around people who are the same. Younger children tend to look for role models in their society hence the changes in behavior in them.

The extent of violence usually ranges from self to family, then friends, community and to the whole nation starting wars against other fellow countries. Many tend to justify their actions to why they did so, but it is well known that personal perception is the one that leads to those behaviors.

One can also assault themselves by committing suicide often known as self-violence which comes as a result when someone does not see any significant thing that he or she can do, therefore, resulting to a lack of confidence and the feeling of inferiority. Others try to direct their anger towards their colleagues, partners and even family members. Many cases of domestic violence have been reported such as violence against women or the mistreatment of children.

Violent behavior can be managed by providing a healthy environment to where they can help build strong values reducing the urge to continuously acting violently. Psychologists say that these type of behavior is inherent but providing a healthy home environment to the affected people helps in reducing their urge in causing disruption. Avoiding drinks that tend to spike violent urges such as alcohol need to be avoided.

People with anger disorders, constantly causing violence among friends and close people need to be taken to rehabilitation centers where they can get support and professional help to how they can take out all their negative energy away from them.

The best ways to write essays is by introducing how violence has affected many lives of people. Explain the causes of violence and the ways one can help try preventing it from continuing to escalate. It is an increasingly disturbing situation that has also seen the rise of violent activities in schools as well. School violence consist of fights, shootings, vandalisms, break ins and any other act which affects students physically or psychologically. For one to stop this vice, the responsibility lies with you.