how to start a thesis report

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how to start a thesis report

A thesis report is often a scientific document that master students write under the guidance of their supervisor. Each thesis always has unique formats but share several common elements. When embarking on a thesis report, it is advisable to start your writing early by sufficiently setting aside time to plan your document right from the beginning. The project work is usually tedious and a lot of great determination heads into the completion of one.

It is vital to show and note down your progress throughout the whole project. They help your writing progress especially when covering art-related work. It helps reduce the amount of time one does literature studies when writing your thesis.

The first chapter talks about the purpose as to why you are conducting the study. It explains the study’s significance by discussing how the study adds the theoretical body of knowledge in the fields being studied. Scientific research is always important as the content communicated is of great significance to what the study is all about. Typically, in this chapter, the study needs to show the significance of the study explaining how their study makes an original contribution to the body of knowledge under their discipline.

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A literature review is the second part of the study which describes previous research on the topics analyzing the body of knowledge thereby determining whatever is clearly recognized and the ones that are not. This part of the chapter helps the student to come up with questions which will be used in their hypothesis that comes in the second chapter.

The third chapter which is known as methodology tries to justify how the data that was obtained was gathered. One needs to start by explaining why they chose the method as their appropriate method of data collection citing literature references about the topic. Students should then detail every step that was used to gather and analyze the process.

Findings are the fourth chapter that shows the data results from the analysis conducted in the research methodology. One begins by showing any descriptive, prescriptive or explanatory analyses that were conducted on the data. Tables and figures are then used to summarize all the numeric function in tables and analysis done.

The introduction is the beginning of the actual text. It presents the context and the motivation of this work as well as the problem tasks and a brief outline of the remainder of the document. The main text often starts with a review and discussion of the state of the art and related work. The main text describes the methods, design, implementation and the achieved results (including a discussion) of your work. The main text is typically organized in multiple chapters. The conclusion includes a summary and an outlook on future work. All cited literature is enlisted in the bibliography.

The type of research method typically stresses the methodology used in collecting data i.e. whether it is qualitative or quantitative.

Chapter five which is the last chapter of a thesis is used to discuss the findings that you got relating to the body of knowledge that you are doing your research on. Students need to begin by discussing their findings which in some cases might have you need to introduce the new literature. The chapter should also be used to explain the study’s implications.

After completion, one needs to carefully go through their work to check for any spelling mistakes or words that need correction. After, hand over the thesis to your chairman who will go through it, but it is strongly advised that it will not mean you can now graduate as the paper needs to be checked and passed over to the committee.

If approved, you will need to set a separate date where you are expected to defend your findings to the committee as it is a customary procedure in the provision of a certificate by many institutions that provide higher education to students.

Following the above steps will reduce the amount of time required for finishing your studies.