The Importance of Focus in the Business World

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The Importance of Focus in the Business World

In any business, the success depends on the ‘focus’ entailed. For instance, Ed Catmull, the head of Pixar Animation and the Walt Disney Animation has a plethora of leadership tenets. His leadership principles focused on confidence, aggressive, professionalism, dynamicity, and the open-door-policy. All the personal beliefs mentioned above have enabled Catmull to spearhead the innovation and creativity at Pixar Animation  . Therefore, focus assists in business growth, development, and sustainability.

Focus enables a business to deal with clients effectively. The communication strategies involved in a business ought to include a good focus. For this reason, the business understands the customers’ needs and works diligently in fulfilling those needs. A good focus sets the bar for the organizational culture . The business as well as its stakeholders understand and know the best practices that lead to business growth. When all the company’s staffs are focussed to achieve a certain goal/goals, all the efforts and coordination is directed towards achieving the target. Therefore, an organizational culture is built on basis of what the company focuses to achieve at a particular time. For instance, the success of Pixar Animation and the Walt

Disney Animation is attributed to the leadership approaches that focus on confidence, aggressive, professionalism, dynamicity, and the open-door-policy. A good focus helps in efficient decision making as well as dispute resolution and critical thinking. Throughout the lifespan of any business, there are different decisions that are made. Critical thinking is important in the decision making strategies in a business. Both decision making process as well as the critical thinking strategies require an element of focus. For one to make a sound decision, there must be a targeted result/ outcome of the decision. Any good decision has to achieve a desirable outcome. In other words, decisions in businesses are made while focusing on a positive outcome for the business. For instance some matters may arise in a business and demand for a quick decision, others may need a long-termed decision making process. In both cases, the focus is crucial depending on what the business wishes to achieve.

Focus on Confidence
Catmull's leadership has embraces confidence. Catmull has been straightforward in ensuring that all the production is done internally. For instance, the company has never bought the scripts from outside. Unlike the other studios, Pixar Animation can brag of using confident internal scriptwriters in the creation of its movies and animations .By using the internal scriptwriters, the company has maintained staff’s confidence as well as improved the programming skills.

Focus on Aggressiveness
The market is highly competitive. With the advancement in the computer technology and telecommunication, the animation market has become highly competitive. Catmull has aggressively fostered the use of telecommunication as well as computer technology in the creation of the products such as the “Toy-Story”. Using the computer technology, and efficient telecommunication has assisted in talent and skills development that makes Pixar efficiently compete in the market .

Focus on Professionalism
Catmull believes that a great product (firm) is built by great people. Therefore, professionalism is observed in Pixar’s operations. For instance, the company hires the best and uses highly scrutinized working environments. Maintaining professionalism ensures that the company’s creativity and innovation are sustained .Only the professionals survive in Pixar Animation. Hence professional contents are delivered.

Focus on Dynamicity
The market trends and technology keeps on changing. Ed Catmull has encouraged changes within Pixar’s operations. For instance, the company shifted from story videos to computer animations to coupe up with the changes in the demands. Emphasizing the dynamic nature of the business enhances the production of products including the characters and plots. Moreover, the innovation and creativity are improved by the introduction of new ideas in the company. In this case, Ed Catmull focuses on the changes in the customer’s interests as well as the changes in the market. The involvement of the technology in the entertainment market dictates the changes in the industry to accommodate the use of computers in the production. Moreover, the president targeted to increase the customer base and compete favourably. Therefore, the decision to change from the story videos to the computer animations was focused on improving the productivity and competitiveness of the company.

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Focus on the open-door policy

Lastly, the open-door policy that ensures that there is end-to-end communication among the Pixar’s managers assist organizational management. Having the door open means inviting suggestions for points of correction and improvement. Therefore, Catmull has opened the avenues to improve and maintain the creativity and innovation by allowing the managers to express their dissatisfactions freely. As part of the organizational culture, the open-door policy focuses on improving innovation and creativity. The entertainment industry depends on the aspects of creativity and innovation. For instance, the development of characters, brands, plots, as well as marketing depends on creativity and innovation. Therefore, by maintaining an open-door policy, the company focuses on creating room for improvement of the creativity and innovation levels within the company.

Focus on Organizational staffing and professionalism
Since Catmull has set up the bar for selecting only professionals as Pixar’s staffs, the staffing procedures aim at professionalism. It means that the company’s creativity and innovation are maintained by recruiting the highly skilled and highly talented team. Therefore, the organizational culture as well as the business management focuses on getting the best people to produce the best products. The company targets to recruit only the professionals who can produce the best products that bring customers’ satisfaction. If the customers are satisfied, the company’s sales and profits will increase. Therefore, the business growth and sustainability is realized through engagement of professionalism in the staffing process...

Focus is one of the most essential factors in any business. A good focus enables a business to start, grow, as well as develop over time. Moreover, a good focus helps in business sustainability since it is used in the decision making processes. Leadership and management policies in a business require a good focus for the growth of a business. Moreover, an efficient focus strategy assists a business to target the interested customers as well as stakeholders. A good focus is crucial in the development of an efficient organizational culture.