Discuss The Application Of Technology In Classrooms

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Discuss The Application Of Technology In Classrooms

Today technology is around everything that we are involved with. But, does it have a place in the classroom? In one way or another technology has always been part of the learning and teaching environment in our schools. We can say that it has become one of the teaching tools for teachers. This means that technology has become part of the tools needed to help in facilitating learning in schools. In the past years, technology has drastically changed. The increase in the level of technology and accessibility of technology has increased the resource level used by teachers and the opportunity to use technology in ensuring that the learners get the most out them.

 The readily available technology has made learning with tools essential in our schools. Technology is considered by both the government, education systems, school leaders, researchers, parents, and teacher as part of education for students and the society at large. Countries have acknowledged the advances in technology and how its influence on the way people use and develop information in the society, they also recognize that the young adults need to level up their skills in the use of information and communication technologies(ICT).


The development of ICT knowledge in students gives equip them with a vital grounding for later in life and provide the equity of opportunity, regardless of one's background. The need to keep up with the technology pace of the society and the preparing the learners for their future roles in the society are some of the few reasons to encourage technology use in education. Both the researchers and educators point to the potential of technology to increase motivation and engagement among learners and to improve the learning results.

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The use of technology in schools in one thing, but how to use the technology is another. This brings in the integration of technology into the education curriculum. This idea came through a concern by the society that schools might be teaching about technology, how to use different technologies but it does not address how these students can apply the knowledge and the skill they have acquired. In addressing the issue of technology and education there is a need to integrate technology in each important areas of learning. And because technology has become part of our day to day lives, it is important to think the concept of integrating technology into supporting the process of learning. This simply means that technology needs to be made an integral part of the learning experience and an important consideration for the teachers from the onset of preparing learning experiences through to teaching and learning with students in the classrooms .


The vital role that technology plays in education gives teachers an opportunity to come up with better learning experiences that embed technology. It is also important for the society not to just use technology, but rather to install it competently. Educators are supposed to use their expertise to know what to train and what not train and how to train what they train this one of essential thing that teachers should observe in order to ensure that the learners get what is required of them. Just as the instructor keep up to date with the advancement of the curriculum, progress in the art and science of teaching method so as they need to keep up with the technological tools accessible to them. This means that sometimes exploring and trial and error are needed and are essential as experience in what determines teachers’ lesson plan .


There have been obstacles to use technology in education, these barriers incorporate lack of teacher time, inadequate access and high costs of facilities, lack of vision or basis for use of technology, lack of instructor training and assistance, and current evaluation practices that may not reveal what is learned with technology. The necessary for teacher training and the lack of knowledge and expertise are major drawbacks to using the technology in our schools. Instructors time promotes the areas of being able to test with new technologies, to share this expertise with other teachers, to develop lessons applying the technology and to have the opportunity to frequent technology courses. Mastering how to adopt new technology includes the time the instructor needs to become skilled with the technology as a personal resource but also as an instructional resource. They must train and grow their abilities outside of the conventional school day so they can focus on instruction and training objectives .


One of the main problems with technology in schools is that many of schools are not able to afford a full-time school-level technology administrator. This is a vital step in having this technology to work in school. Training and support within a school are always less planned. Most of the time the training centers on the use of the facilities but will mostly miss the essence of how to blend the technology absorbed into the curriculum. To blend technology into guidance, professors must have access to technology. However, many instructors find the availability of technology limited in their schools. The cost of maintaining and training the same is often not considered in the schools planning. You find that most of the time technology is placed too far from the classes and most of the hardware are too old to handle the new software applications .


We have seen how important it is for the use of technology to introduced to schools. As the society grows so as the level of technology and the need to keep up with the pace, and there is no better way to do that than to make technology accessible in classes so that the learners can learn to use them early enough and be able to interact freely with others from around the globe. Aside from being important to have and use technology in schools, we have seen that there are challenges that hinder smooth operation and use of technology in schools. Among the barriers include time, training and development of the teachers and also integrating technology into the school curriculum have been some of the challenges faced by schools in using technology. It is, therefore, important to address these challenges to enable technology to be used and be part of schools curriculum so that all student get access to technology as it is becoming part and parcel of the society today.