Can One Personal Statement Suit Two medical Courses Applications

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Can One Personal Statement Suit Two medical Courses Applications

Most medical schools offer programs orienting to specialization. For any application, you will submit a personal statement (PS) to show your intent for joining a medical program. A personal statement is a short essay in which you provide reasons supporting your candidacy for a nursing course. It shows that you are the perfect applicant.

Writing a personal statement requires much effort to ensure that the PS is engaging to the reader and relates the skills as well as extra-curricular achievements to the chosen area. It is tedious to write different personal statements especially when are studying for an undergraduate medical course but applying for second one or a graduate program. You may decide to write one personal statement. Its suitability will depend on the difference for the courses you are applying.

You can write one personal statement for two applications in the circumstances.

Medical personal statement for courses with a slight difference

Slight difference in courses means that their roles during practice are almost similar. It can also be that your choice is combined or joint degrees with a small difference in subject combinations. Writing one personal statement is such cases will not be a problem. You only need to make an effort in using content that is relevant to all the choices. If your favorite is combined or joint degree courses, you should make sure that you address each academic in some way.

Medical personal statement for courses with much difference

It is still possible to blend a personal statement in a way that will provide proper evidence about your skills and academic interests. Relate the skills and interests to the reasons you provide to show your relevance to the chosen course. Another alternative is to take a transparent and honest approach to explain openly the reason for your choice to apply to different courses. Provide separate reasons and evidence of capability to study for each.

For any approach you take, there should be a demonstration of total commitment and relevance of the medical course. Some programs are extremely competitive and receive hundreds or thousands of applications more than hr places available. Your PS will end up on the rejection pile if does not show your commitment and preparedness to the course. You can get an estimate of competition for places in the course by checking the percentage of applicants compared to others.

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Medical personal statement for extremely competitive courses

High competition for some medical courses makes it hard to get admission. If chances of entry are low, you may think of the second option on a course you would study instead of reapplying for the first choice after rejection. For example, if you apply to the program to train as a cardiologist, you can apply for a degree program specializing gastroenterology that deals with internal medicine or colon and rectal surgery as a backup.

Applying for course as a backup is useful in medicine because it is completive and universities do not allow applicants to make many choices. Applying for the second course as a backup leaves you with an option if the admission committee rejects the first the application for your first choice.

Limits of one personal statement for two applications

If you want to write one personal statement for different courses, limit it to the medical branch. If you are applying to different programs in various programs like literature and medicine, a personal statement will not apply to both subjects. Trying to cover both will make the personal statement favorable for one subject, and it will ruin your chance for the second or even both.     The best choice is to write a personal statement for each admission request.

You should also avoid using the same personal statement for application to different universities. Evaluators will determine that the application is not customized for their university and will view this as a lack of dedication to preparing a befitting application.