Importance of Word Count for Admission Essay

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Importance of Word Count for Admission Essay

It is almost sure that the nursing school you apply to join for a course will ask you to write an admission essay.  An admission essay is a form of an autobiography in which you provide more reasons to apply for the course and why you have interest in the providing university. You should also use the admission essay to state how you will benefit from the nursing program and contribute to it. These answers state your case better than the other sections of your application by providing a better insight of your character to the evaluator. 

Many academic institutions have prompts if they need to get information on specific facts about the potential of students.  Despite its importance, you will deal with the fact that your admission essay is critical but it should be brief and informative.  Brevity is the reason why the admissions committee places word limit to the essays and their importance.

What is the appropriate nursing admission essay word count?

Usually, the ideal limit for an admission essay is 500- 1000 words if the school does not provide any guidelines on words.  Nevertheless, many universities in the world will ask some questions from the applicants.     These questions could even be similar in different universities, but each will set its word limit.  Adhering to the word limits is essential because a disregard will have consequences.


Too many words 

Sometimes universities require concise answers with a few words as 200 words. Most admission committee members begin by checking the word limits as the first thing. If you found 200 words to be limiting and decided to exceed, the chances are that they will disregard the additional word. If you write 300 words for 200-word nursing admission essay, the evaluators will not read the last 100.  The last few words are the conclusion which ties up the entire piece by restating the main points to make it memorable to the evaluators.  Your admission essay may lose the meaning and relevance when the admission staff fails to read the conclusion.  In some extreme cases, the admission committee will reject the whole admission essay for being too long. They will not read but mark your application as invalidated.


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Too short essays 

 Although writing the appropriate number of words is essential, writing a too short admission essay is dangerous than writing a long one. If the prompt requires that you write 500 words and you cover the topic in 400, the evaluators will view it as inadequate and non-acceptable. The university gives them the authority to disregard an essay if it too short. Even if they agree to read it, at the back of the mind is the memory of an essay which was too short thus your competitors will be at more advantage.  Since the number of applicants exceeds those available places to study nursing programs, failing to achieve the required word limit could be the only reason to reject your application.


 It is essential to begin writing early for you to have enough time to research for material if you determine that you are short of points to cover the topic or answer the question. Nursing is a profession that requires adherence to instructions and respecting the way systems work.  The admission committee is strict about admission essay and will among others use the word limit to determine if you follow instructions.


Fortunately, an admission essay is about something you are familiar with hence it is possible to state what you want within the number of words and admission staff will stipulate. You only need to summarize one or two facts that demonstrate your ability to achieve a good performance in school and profession.