Living With and Managing Arthritis

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Living With and Managing Arthritis

Arthritis is an infection that causes painful inflammation and stiffness in the joints.

It can be harrowing to hinder participating in daily activities hence require management of pain and changing some aspects of lifestyle. These steps help to alleviate the difficulties of living with arthritis.


Medication is one way of treating and managing arthritis depending on the type. The medicine that a doctor prescribes depends on the type of arthritis thus there is a need for an accurate diagnosis.

 The common arthritis medicine includes:

Analgesics- Pain reducing medication but does not control inflammation

Counterirritants-   These are some ointments and creams containing capsaicin or menthol, an ingredient that makes the hot peppers to be spicy.  Counterirritants help in lessening pain and modulating pain signals by rubbing over a painful joint.

DMARDs (Disease-modifying ant rheumatic drugs) –   Slow down or stop joint attacks from the immune system


  A balanced diet helps people with arthritis to manage the condition and maintain good overall health. Although diet cannot heal the disease, these foods help in reducing inflammation and promoting good joint health.

•    Fish

•    Olive oil

•    Nuts and seeds

•    Fruits and vegetables

•    While grains

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Some foods are responsible for inflammation that aggravates arthritis.  It is essential to avoid nightshade vegetables like tomatoes as they cause solanine that studies link with arthritis pain.

Processed, inflammatory and refined, processed foods increase inflammation thus it is essential to avoid them. Plant foods with high content of antioxidants are a superb choice when managing arthritis because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

A combination of a healthy diet for managing arthritis with exercising and a healthy lifestyle helps in reducing the intensity of pain.

 Physical activity

 People with arthritis can engage in joint-friendly physical activities alone or group. It helps in reducing and maintaining a healthy weight to prevents strain on the joints. Many people with arthritis are also likely to be suffering from another condition. For example, the older individuals could also be having heart disease.

People with arthritis may experience an increase in pain at the beginning of exercises, but it only happens for a short moment. Regular physical activity is an effective long-term way of reducing symptoms.

The appropriate joint-friendly physical activities that help in relieving the pain from arthritis include walking, cycling, and swimming.

Warm water therapy by exercising in heated water pool helps in another great way of working out without straining the joints. The water supports body weight thus reducing pressure on the joints and muscles.


These habits help in the management of arthritis.

 Commitment to pain management and fatigue

It is essential to learn ways of managing pain as it reduces comfort if there is no action to reduce.  Combining lifestyle and medication regimen helps in relieving most of the pain within a short period. It is essential to keep a record of pain levels, symptoms any medicine you take and side effects.  The information will help the doctor to determine the progress of pain management and determine if the approach is helpful. Regular visits to a doctor for check up are essential in determining the condition around the affected joints.

Joint care

Protecting the joints from damaging stress is a crucial activity in managing effects of arthritis.  Living with arthritis requires protection of joints by using the stronger and large joints for demanding tasks.  It is also essential to spread weight when carrying something in a backpack. Gripping an object loosely by using padded handles prevents straining.

Mobility is essential in relieving pain hence a person with arthritis should not sit for long periods in the same position.

Arthritis management succeeds with an active lifestyle, but it also requires balancing with adequate periods of rest. A person with arthritis should avoid strenuous activities, activities, and caffeine in the evening as it interferes with quality of sleep

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