Should children have scheduled activities or be left more time for free play?

Should children have scheduled activities or be left more time for free play? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
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Should children have scheduled activities or be left more time for free play

Children are a gift from God and it is common for most parents to wish that their kids succeed in life. Many of the parents try everything possible be it giving them extra tuition during weekends and holidays. However, there is a big disparity to whether doing this is a good idea. So, should children have scheduled activities or be allowed more playing time?

Many factors exist that are known to stall the development of a child, but one that sticks out is the overworking of your child. If at home and your child does not get any free time to play, then I believe a change in routine is advisable for your child’s well-being. Some of the factors that affect you as an adult also play a role in your children’s life. It is evident that many couples often complain how they require a long weekend to relax or jet off to a holiday vacation to cool off as the same needs are what children also need after having a long day at school.

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People often have great memories to when they were kids. Many remember the games they were involved in that used to bring happiness and as a result, developed you to who you are now. Some of the games included hide and seek, tag, etc. which generally filled up more of a person’s time compared to studies and school work hours. So, do parents practice the same for their children?

Research has shown that offering your child free play time improves their ability to grow fast, interacting with the other children and learn one or new things that they probably would not have known. Playtime is vital for each child and limiting it by scheduling their activities causes more harm to the children than many would realize. It is evident that a child’s free play is continually declining and some of the blame is pointed out to the scheduled activities and routines that are put in place by many of the schools they attend to and some of the parents they have.

But why is education being given more emphasis?

Children require free time for them to play since it is often a way for them to taste life, i.e., by trying every different activity that comes their way thus helping them understand the good from the bad on their own. Parents are known to intrude on a child’s play and are a big part of the problem because nowadays it is hard to see children play, unlike the past where one met a large number either from their way off work or other activities.

There exist many reasons why parents schedule their kids free time. Many of the parents especially mothers argue that all the rules they put in their houses are due to safety concerns and thus were more worried about child predators, other bully children and even traffic which are some of the reasons that contributed for their decisions. Child experts have also noted that many of the parents put more emphasis on a child’s education and other-directed activities that they are made to work on whenever they are at home. It is unusual that kindergartens and preschools are becoming more academically-oriented than what they used to be in the earlier years. These institutions do not provide a greater percentage of free playing time than they used to and so have shifted the framework thus increasing the amount needed for school work and reducing the amount of them to interact.

Education is a crucial need for any child out there. However, when children get more time to play, it gives them a sense of responsibility in becoming in charge of their play which is beneficial to them whenever they become future adults. Free play is known to offer them a chance of identifying with some of the activities that they like, and dislike hence make them have self-guided interests that are beneficial to them.

Free play is vital to children compared to scheduled activities since it provides the child to learn how to make their own decisions, clearly following rules thus exerting self-control.

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