Do Computers Rule Our World?

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Do Computers Rule Our World?

The way people interact the past is totally different to how we do it today. Before the invention of computers and smartphones that we proudly own today, communication involved interaction on a one on one basis which created a deep connection to how people communicated with one another. Technology has seen new improvements to how things are being done. With the invention of computers, every single job in the manufacturing business that was controlled by humans is now being left to computers. So, do computers rule our world?

What are computers? These are electronic machines which work under the control of stored programs automatically accepting and processing data to produce information. Most of us humans are not born with knowledge, programs, images, processors, models, algorithms, etc. this is because our brains constantly learn new things daily. What we see at a moment helps us to try and think of solutions that can help achieve what we intend to do unlike computers that are already programmed to processing every kind of information that is thrown unto them be it numbers, letters, images or formulas.

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Without computers, most of the buildings or creations that we now see, and use would have taken a longer period to realization. Many countries more so developing nations have had a sluggish growth for a longer period now. Most of the cities we live in are congested and over-reliant to humans instead of these automated systems which quicken most of the work. It is evident that humans are known to crack under extensive pressure and only a few can sustain it.

Computers are making most jobs that people did extinct. Some of the examples include traffic lights put around the city which were controlled by a person as opposed to the city lights that are being used nowadays. Since the invention of these devices in 1948, people have seen a revolution to how things were being conducted and carried out. Most of the jobs were lost, others were created, and new research and development were spearheaded after their invention. It should be noted that these computers have a big influence on our lives today. If a system crashes, most of the work carried out will have to delay and this really shows the kind of impact that it has on our livelihoods.

Many of these machines are used for performing complex calculations which would take a long time for humans to do the same. Computers make testing, data gathering and analysis easier since most of these tasks can be done in a few minutes. Many faculties are using computers to perform their daily operations. Nowadays, doctors and hospitals staffs rely on computers which are critical for many patients receiving healthcare services. Many of the critical patients stuck in Intensive Care Units can breathe using life support machines which are handy and useful to them. Other industries like banking, engineering is dependent on the software and programs that are effective in making their lives product able.

Today, many gadgets are at our disposal that makes learning fun and so is it in education which has seen a widespread and greater impact on the introduction of computers to our education systems. The ease of use has been brought out by the many programs and applications that help make administrative functions like book-keeping and recording of data easier. It makes the work of teachers easier and thus traditional methods of learning are becoming a thing of the past, however, it is still in use since many of the instructors see it as a great way of delivering information to students especially in the university where many professors prefer an interactive class rather than with the use of computers for handing out notes and other relevant reading materials.

Computers provide lots of advantages to its users like more storage accessibilities, simplicity, but also give health problems that are known to damage one’s health such as cancer. It is obvious that a time will come, and human labor will be inexistent. What do you think about this? Do you see computers ever ruling our world?