Is Video gaming good or bad?

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Is Video gaming good or bad?

Many parents often do not want to hear the term video games as is it is believed to make their children become time-wasters to which some of the education experts say that it corrupts a child’s brain. There are very many types of video games that children often like to associate themselves with. Some of them are violent making them commit extreme behavior that is not good for the society. So, are video games good or bad?

It is easy to understand why most of these video games are blamed. The constant bad behavior depicted by many children often leaves their parents worried, however, many of the psychologists and scientists believe that advantages do exist and one of them is that it makes the kids smart. Children that are born in these technological gadgets have high-level thinking skills which are needed for the future.

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Some of the answers do not go well with most of the parents who believe that they tend to increase various health issues such as ruining your eyes and making you unproductive. Most of these criticisms are common to people but not many understand some of these effects. They say that too much of something becomes poisonous and the above statement is true but certain studies try to explain how they are known to improve a child’s hand-eye coordination, their mind, and problem-solving skills that are necessary to today’s world.

Too much of anything is always too much and video games make it hard for one to get enough exercise or active play. Many children that sit at home and are always constant on video games have a high risk of becoming overweight which is not good for their health. Overweight children are susceptible to becoming diabetic, have high blood pressure or even begin getting breathing problems.

Playing video games is not a bad idea but what makes it an issue is the amount of time one spends behind the television or computer screen. Good quality games which have short episodes are encouraged since they limit the amount of time one spends on their TV, smartphone and even their tablets. It needs to be noted that a maximum of 2 hours per day is considered an effective timeframe that if practiced can help mitigate some of the problems to which most of the children appear to get.

Video gaming helps players to plan and manage most of their resources deciding on the best use of what is available to them. Strategy games appear to hone most of the skills to children and many of the organizations such as the American Planning Association which is the trade association of urban planners claim that many of the people that are involved in these games have taken an interest in architecture and urban planning. Strategy games also help harness a child’s multitasking skills which force many of the players to become flexible to some of the challenges they experience helping them gain quick decision thinking which is vital to making fast decisions.

Action games are known to bring accuracy thus trains a player’s mind to make faster decisions being more accurate. It also helps in letting them understand the different kinds of situations they are into which ensures that they are mindful of sudden situational changes that help them adapt accordingly. There also exists drawback to video gaming. Certain violent games are known to be aggressive to which the American Psychological Association (APA) concludes that there is a consistent correlation but there is no sufficient evidence which links the games to criminal violence. Many of these games tend to affect young children since most of the teenagers leave the emotional effects when they conclude playing the game.

Gaming addiction is another issue which many can get into thus making it a mental health disorder. Addiction to gaming by children is known to increase the levels of depression and anxiety which have similar effects to those on drugs and alcohol thus not good for their growth.

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