How can the rights of artists and writers be protected on the Internet?

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How can the rights of artists and writers be protected on the Internet?

The rise of internet services has brought headaches to many of artists and writers who see most of their content plagiarized and pirated. The internet has brought simplicity to what people were used to in the past. Many of the artists and writers can easily upload and share their content thus easily and capable of reaching a wider audience. The same, however, can enable people to illegally download your content from the web without your consent.

It is with the above reasons why protecting your rights is important whenever you upload your content to the internet. Many of the artists and writers believe that their profession is of no importance. All these they believe that it is of no meaning to us and so, understanding and valuing the power art and music will eventually help to achieve greater heights and most importantly have pride in the ability to what they do.

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Copyright content is all about the important rights that one has in their work. Protection of these rights will require other people to seek your permission for them to use your content or license it whenever they are doing their daily office routine. It is known to legally protecting an author’s work which is a form of protection grounded in the US Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression.

Today, copyright is essential as it helps in the protection against literary piracy that is critical in today’s digital world where reproduction and distribution are easy to do. It helps constitute the ownership of one’s original work helping to protect their intellectual property controlling who gets to gain income from it. It clearly stipulates if either you or the person you have assigned the rights to has the permission to make money off it.

Artists and writers who protect themselves help protect their intellectual property and thus help protect original works that may include literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works. Some of the examples of these works include songs, novels, movies, poetry, computer software, and architecture. One, however, needs to note that copyrighting does not protect a person’s ideas, systems, facts, or methods of operation, but can be used to protecting how some of them are expressed.

Fully developed pieces, plans or even literary materials require to be fully developed and exist in some visible manner for it to be considered copyrighted which is why many authors are known to write down their ideas rather than talking about them. It is highly recommended that many of the authors register their work before embarking to their work. Some of the reasons for doing this include that many would want to have a public record of the facts of their copyright. Often, all the above comes with a certificate of registration.

In cases where there exists a lawsuit, writers are required to register if they would want eligibility for statutory damages and if registration occurs within five years of publication then it is considered prima facie evidence in a court of law which means it is enough to establish that you are the owner of the work. Protecting your work by copyrighting it helps protect electronic versions of your work such as paintings or even novels.

Digital technology has brought about the easiness to uploading and sharing content but the same has also made it easy for people to copy and use another person’s work without their permission. Many artists and writers experience this type of issues daily. So, is there a way to stopping piracy and if yes, what are some of the ways one can protect their work?

If it is a visual art i.e. a picture, it often advisable to use watermarks on your images before uploading them to the internet. Disabling the right-click feature is also another step one can try formulating. For music recording artists, uploading low-quality recordings will alert users that there exists a high-quality version that is available for one to purchase. Try to curb the menace by providing your contact information to how one can buy your work.

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