How do elected female officials differ from elected males?

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How do elected female officials differ from elected males

It is no surprise that fewer women exist in political houses and campaigns but why is the situation that way? Do they lack Qualifications for the said positions? Are women suitable candidates or is because of sexism rules in the ballot?

A study conducted by the Women Donors Network reveals that only 29% of the positions are held by women out of the 42,000 elected positions that range from local counties up through Congress. The numbers are quite staggering even though women make up 51% of the population. So, does gender matter for political leadership?

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Worldwide, women remain underrepresented in many positions be it political or economic, however, many are taking leadership roles in many sectors both private and public. How do the elected female leaders differ from their male counterparts?

Such has led researchers and other social scientists to try and understand some of the implications of female leadership to some of the public policy outcomes. Some of the researchers note that an increment in the number of women who participate in politics leads to increases in expenditures Like public investments e.g. the provision of water services. It is known that women elected to these seats are more likely to perform their Duties thus benefiting the public. Women who hold top positions in businesses and politics are known to work hard, fully supporting and implementing most-of the bills and decisions put across.

Women in political offices work in a bipartisan manner and are more likely in bringing new issues and policies in the house than their male counterparts. It is without a doubt that female elected members and officials are known to increase government transparency which is vital in the successful running of a country. It is not uncommon to hear companies with more women known to serve in top-level management as senior executives, the board of directors is known to perform better than their male counterparts and most of these companies are known to achieve higher returns on investment (ROI) as well as higher sales targets.

If women are known to achieve higher targets, then why are they not motivated to run for political offices? And, how do they differ from their male counterparts?

Men are known to be risk-takers and thus take more loans compared to their female counterparts. Women are known to use their own money in starting their own companies but often run into problems whenever they are needed in establishing lines of credit. Many of them can benefit from training since research shows that they do not have skills whenever it comes to negotiation.

Elected female officials are known to possess higher development rates such sanity i.e. provision of water services or acting on more pressing issues than their male elected officials who majority are known to procrastinate most of the agenda’s achieving them later. Many of the women elected officials who start their own businesses, generally have fewer employees hence do not hire at-the rate many of their male colleagues do. Census report published show that women-owned businesses have fewer employees and have a less chance of survival. To curb this issue, women are required to take more calculated risks thus hire individuals who can offer their input according to their skills and strengths.

Many of the industries which women take part in are usually less lucrative and thus a majority of them own companies that concern health care and other social assistant services. Few of the women are known to major in construction, finance, and industries with higher revenue. There exists change, however, this can further be increased by ensuring more women go through sponsorship opportunities, mentoring and training.

Some of the women believe that you require high educational qualification for them to vie for office hence perceive themselves less culpable. Many are risk-averse in electoral politics and thus many of these elected female officials require encouragement for them to continue thriving. Encouragement and support are needed for most of these women if we are to expect an increase in the number of elected female officials taking more seats in the house.

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