Should young children be pushed to compete at athletics?

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Should young children be pushed to compete at athletics?

Education is the key to success but is it the only path to which one can use to achieve this? It is important for one to offer their children education, however, many parents have come to realize that talent too also plays a major role in their upbringing. It is evident that many parents would like their kids to participate in major sporting events and so by constantly encouraging them, they believe that their children will need their parent's dreams and try to achieve their goals.

Many of these parents are known to be very strict with sporting activities and some of them end up becoming coaches in their career paths. Overemphasis on sports has made most of the kids perform poorly on their grades since a majority cannot seem to focus on two things at the same time. Pushing a child is considered a wrong thing to do and so a little motivation is considered the most effective way to let your child understand the importance of doing an activity over the other ensuring that your child does not go over the stressful situation.

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Parents and guardians need to understand that many of their children have dreams and ambitions and thus requiring them to compete in activities that they do not wish is considered wrong. Forcing a child to participate in athletics which can turn out to something that they do not like doing is known to affect their self-confidence and thus encouraging your children in choosing an activity that they like attending to mostly.

Many of the activities that these parents give their children are often considered exhausting and may lead to various physical problems at a tender age. Training too hard has bad implications to the children and so parents for actively pushing their kids to do difficult activities need to realize that they have a responsibility to their children which requires to be taken with seriousness as it can either break or make a child. Putting more emphasis on the child can have an effect on how they compete with the other children in life.

Children can be particularly interested in the sport, however, being athletically inclined does not mean that athletics is their best sport. Children show absolutely no interest in competing at athletics or even in playing a sport would be a good idea to let them try a non-sporting activity such as art, music, writing or even acting. Which can help them gain confidence and encourage them to love their hobby?

Parents believe that if they used to play a certain sport – athletics, their children are also bound to carrying on with the same sport without understanding that every single child displays an interest in certain activities whenever they start discovering what life is and the ambitions that they have put in place in achieving them. Statistics show that every child under the age of 15 years often receive medical attention to the kind of serious injuries they have acquired that result to them being pushed by their parents hence overtraining themselves. It is not uncommon to see many of the children break down physically or even emotionally. Participating in a sport is meant to be a hobby and a having a passion for the game. Many get serious injuries such as tendinitis which can affect these kids whenever they are growing.

It is advisable for parents to understand what their children want by encouraging and supporting every decision that they put forward. If your child dislikes athletics, then the best objective would be to try and find out whether they have an interest in any other sport or have no love for any game at all. Pushing a child into a sport that they do not like is easily possible to provide them with a negative effect that can result in them disliking the overall sport.

The real purpose to every parent is to support their kids to every endeavor that they take and that constantly pushing them is seen as a bad choice to do.