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Many legislations in various parts of the world talk of media freedom and how people and companies need to be given a freedom of expressing their views and information in any society. Regulating freedom will hence limit to some of the content that needs to be shared by people to the public hence limiting freedom of speech and expression.

Choosing to regulate media coverage needs to have clear and convincing reasons to why some of them require justification which will not be easy for it to resolve some of the issues that many citizens are facing regarding freedom and democracy. Therefore, should the media coverage me regulated?

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The above questions spark different opinions and many citizens have differentiated ideas on some of the options they can use in making the media fairer or should they have their governments control their media? Many citizens believe that the market needs to decide to whatever they want to listen and watch and so people should not be punished for doing their jobs well since it is their occupation and the government should not be involved. Many of the citizens argue that if the forms of media presentation such as TV and Radio existed, then they believe that communication would still be existent and got protection the same way speech has.

There are various reasons why the government may decide to regulate media coverage. One is to protect a stated public interest or as well encourage competition thus creating an effective media market. The second reason for the government to do so is to maintain conditions for an effective operation for free markets and for the protection of consumers stimulating innovation and expansion. It may also to protect an individual’s rights and interests which may be harmed by the unrestricted use of public means of communication. Whenever one talks of media regulation, the most common targets include the television, press and even the radio. However, the regulation may also stretch and target storage and distribution technology such as flash disks, recorded music, cable, and other storage or distribution techniques.

One may argue it out from a different perspective. For a country to protect their integrity of the nation, and that of the internet then the use of social media has reached a point where there is a need for regulations and standards that are suitable for the interest of the public. The main reason to why mainstream media is regulated is to ensure that there is quality content shared by the media that upholds the standard culture of a country to which many people would love for the same to be applied to social media.

The rise in technology has brought lots of developments also increasing and enhancing the way we communicate with one another. It is known to have both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the internet regulation in China is formed by the legislation, administration, technical control agenda control, structure adjustment, and training. The ministry of industry and internet regulation ensures and is responsible for the development and regulation of the internet industry hence works in conjunction with the ministry of public security regulating information contents that touch on security and crimes.

In the US, the first amendment to the United States Constitution forbids the government from limiting the freedom of speech and that of the press. This, however, does not mean that the US is a free country and so the Federal Communications Commission forbids broadcasters of any indecent material that may be seen in their airwaves. The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 increased the fine of the FCC payable to such from a minimum of $325,000 to a maximum $3M to shield younger viewers from ideas that are deemed offensive.

The answer to whether media coverage should be regulated is not a simple one. To some extent, many may agree with it, but some may dispute the notion and feel that the government is limiting their freedom hence depriving their constitutional rights.

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