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How can we encourage children to be more active?

Having a child is a joy to every parent. It is common to every parent to see their children being active for various reasons, either to grow healthy, become fit etc. children are naturally known to be naturally physically active this is so because they love moving around and interacting with other kids. However, as children continue to grow, it becomes a challenge to many of them to have enough exercises in their everyday activities.

So, what leads to children becoming less active?

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Some of the answers to the above question may be due to the high demands that are required of them in school. Education is key to many children and it is important for every parent to ensure that their children gain knowledge but all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Lack of active role models also contributes to many children to not becoming active whenever they are out engaging with their peers. Self-esteem is critical for the growth of every child and if he or she lacks this then it becomes an issue whenever they are growing up. Lack of role models is the other factor that affects children not giving them the right motivation for them to succeed as well as those coming from busy working families whose parents cannot find time to playing and actively participate with their children. Besides some of the mentioned barriers, it is easier for parents to engage with their children and can, therefore, involve a few physical activities in their everyday lives which can encourage and set healthy patterns that will continue to their adulthood.

There exists a clear majority of benefits that are useful for children whenever they are growing up. When children are active, parents can rest assured that their bodies get strong muscles and bones, are of healthy weight and there is a low risk of their children developing type 2 diabetes which is often linked with obese children. Children who are frequently active get better sleep and are more likely to be focused, motivated and most of all successful in their school studies at the same time building confidence in every age.

Therefore, how does a parent encourage their children toward becoming more active?

Physical activities are known to have many advantages for children but there exist many children who would not like to participate in them. Encouraging children becomes a tough task for many parents and so it is vital for them to choose the right activities to which their children can participate in. Often, generalizing many of these activities often leaves them bored or frustrated with the kind of activities they are working on. Parents and guardians need also to provide easy activities to the children by providing all the necessary materials required, e.g. taking them to various activity spots or playgrounds so that they can continue enjoying what they are doing keeping the focus fun.

Children who enjoy doing activities often want to continuously do it and so involving other sporting activities such as swimming or bicycle riding helps them feel more accomplished whenever they are done with their daily exercising routine. Incorporating some of these activities into their daily routines often makes children want to continue engaging themselves in more activities.

If you have preschoolers, it is important as a parent or guardian to continue encouraging your kids to play and exercise which are useful in the development of a child’s brain. Any activity such as kicking a ball or playing tag are some of the few examples that many people can engage with their kids to since most of the sporting events do not require complex rules or skills for them to participate in.

The above can, however, is differentiated from teens who have a variety of choices for them becoming active. Some of the activities may be extra-curricular or after-school interests such as skateboarding or yoga. Often many have tight schedules due to the nature of their school work and by offering basic utilities such as transportation and the right gear will encourage them to continue becoming more active.

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