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What is the cause of the increase in child obesity

It is seen that about One-third of the US children population suffer from overweight and the rise of this number continues to grow. It is widely known that children have fewer weight-related health complications than that of adults and thus having an over-weight child places them at a high risk of developing a chronic heart disease or diabetes as they continue growing. Most of these conditions might come as a surprise to many parents but they leave their children more prone to developing stress and low self-esteem.

Children suffering from obesity have a serious health problem since their normal weight is above the required optimal height and age. The extra pounds that many of these children start to add up often bring health complications which were once considered adult problems which if left untreated can lead to the death of the child. Some of the complications include high blood pressure, high cholesterol cases, diabetes plus also poor self-esteem and depression.

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Child obesity is caused by a wide variety of factors which can be psychological, the lifestyle one is living and the family history. It is not uncommon seeing obese children coming from overweight parents. The main cause for this is because many of the children eat too much but exercise too little. Food taken or being given to these children are of poor diet often containing high levels of sugar or fat and few nutrients which can cause kids to gain weight quickly. Lots of candy’s, fast foods and soft drinks are the common eateries that are known to further increase a child’s weight. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), 32% of adolescent girls and 52% of the boys in the US drink 24 ounces of soda per day which is a worrying trend to any parent that wants their kids to have a good healthy life.

Salty snacks, frozen dinners which are seen by many as convenient foods contribute majorly to one’s unhealthy weight gain. Many children become obese since their parents do not have the knowledge in determining the required type of food that is considered unhealthy. Children who do not attend any physical classes or participate in any major sporting activities is also another cause for them becoming overweight. It is commonly known that when you are less active so is the increase of your weight as exercise is known to burn calories helping them maintain a healthy weight and become fit as well. It is advisable to encourage children to engage in activities that are likely to help them shade a number of calories either through participating in sporting events or any other physical form of activity.

Some of the health risks associated with obesity include diabetes which is a health problem in which one’s body fails to metabolize glucose properly. Many of the children that are diagnosed with diabetes especially the type 2 can suffer from eye disease problems, nerve damage and also kidneys dysfunction. Another common disease associated with an increase in a child’s weight is heart disease, which is often contributed with the high-level intake of food in high cholesterol thus contributing to high blood pressure which raises the risk of a child having heart conditions whenever they are growing up. It is advisable for parents to stop giving their children foods that are high in fat which may cause the blood pressure levels to rise. Some of the most common heart diseases include stroke or heart attacks. Asthma is also another chronic disease to which children with high weight levels often experience. It is a chronic inflammation of the lung’s airways and a recent study published in the Asthma Research and Practice report that 38% of adults living in the US are obese and have asthma hence indicating that an obesity is a risk factor to these group of people.

Some of the ways to which parents can mitigate these issues are by changing their eating habits of their children hence shaping the eating patterns of your child. It is known that children often eat what their parents buy and so purchasing healthy foods will help ensure that your children grew strong and healthy. Incorporating physical activity exercises such as running or jogging will help reduce the chances of your children becoming obese.

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