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Choosing a Dissertation Topic

It is difficult to make decisions of any kind and it even gets difficult if it involves academics. Most students are unsure about their abilities and doubt whatever topic that comes to their minds. Dissertation writing gives students hell and it begins from the moment they have to choose topics on which they intend to research. While there are hundreds of possibilities for dissertation topics on any subject, getting started and finding the right one that interests you can be daunting. Students can solve the problem that comes with choosing a dissertation topic in several ways; the three most common pieces of advice that they get from their seniors are to narrow down the choices, go for what interests you and find a mentor you can work with.



A dissertation is perhaps the most serious academic assignment in your academic career, whether you are taking it at the undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. It lays a path into your future either as an academic or as a leader elsewhere. Therefore, you should never procrastinate when handling any section, starting with choosing the topic. To make the decision easier for you, the dissertation-writing experts at have put together a few tips that will no doubt guide you in choosing a dissertation topic. Make use of them and get into the process of writing with an inspired confidence. is supremely positioned to offer quality Editing and Proofreading Services because they have the most qualified editors and proofreaders who have been in the industry for a very long time.


  • Inspiration: Students use various approaches to choose their dissertation topics. Therefore, when seeking advice on how to settle on what to study, you are likely to get mixed views, with everyone suggesting what worked for him or her. There is no doubt that you will need some inspiration as you embark on choosing a dissertation topic. You need to get a quiet place, sit down and relax. Use this time to brainstorm the possible ideas that you might be interested in investigating. If you have done a Bachelor’s or Masters dissertations, then you might want to ask yourself how you can improve your topic for the next phase of your studies. An area of studies that you have focused on before will inspire you to investigate more. Get a list of topics that you can possibly have and proceed to narrow down your focus.
  • Read: The other source of inspiration as you battle the indecisiveness of choosing a dissertation topic is reading. There is no other source of new knowledge than reading what other scholars have done on your topic. While going through the published works compare and contrast the approaches used and find a gap that you can fill. The aim of any dissertation is to add to the existing body of works, therefore, whichever topic you settle for, be sure it brings something new that others have not done. What this means is that you have to get good and authoritative literature on the subject to review.
  • Get a mentor: A student preparing to write a dissertation should have at least three mentors, which should be professional colleagues or professors. Having a knowledgeable mentor will help guide in choosing a dissertation topic by informing you of what may work and what may not. Have a mentor you can converse with freely and understands your work. A mentor will not only help you in choosing a topic for your dissertation, he or she may be used throughout the writing process. The most important tip when working with mentors is trust, if they turn down an idea that you feel is researchable, follow their advice and get back to the drawing board. They understand the process better than you do.
  • Pick an Informative Topic: when choosing a dissertation topic, think outside the box and go for something that will captivate the entire world. 

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